Key Facts Of The Day 30.11.2018
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SEC Fines Celebrities for Advertising ICO

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined boxer Floyd Mayweather and musician Khaled Mohamed Khaled, better known as DJ Khaled, for promoting ICO Centra.

Mayweather and Khaled did not report on the remuneration, which means the promotion of ICO could look impartial, although in fact it was a paid campaign, as explained in the report of the department. Meanwhile, back in November 2017, the SEC warned that celebrities who receive rewards for advertising ICO and do not disclose the amount of fees, violate the law. At the same time, the regulator warned investors that the intention to invest money should not depend on the opinions of actors, athletes and other stars. SEC recommended that investors verify the independence of sources and distinguish advertising from recommendations.

Rolex Can Now Be Bought for Bitcoins

Birks Group, one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry and watches in Canada, entered into a partnership agreement with BitPay and began to accept bitcoin for payment, as reported in the company's blog. BitPay representatives believe that accepting bitcoin will help Birks Group to satisfy the needs of wealthy foreign customers and attract new customers. Currently, BTC purchases are available in eight out of the 26 stores located in Canada. According to Birks, users can purchase products from brands like Rolex, Bvlgari, Cartier and Breitling for bitcoin. In the near future, the Graff and Patek Philippe brands, which are available at the newly opened stores in Vancouver, will be added to this list.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From Week – XIV

Time is the most important thing in our lives. We can be either at the right time in the right place, or we might miss our chance. It’s vital to keep on moving even if there isn’t much time left. Some investors this week were in the right coins, and saw some gains, while the rest of us, well, you know, the market isn’t really booming. Check out this week’s leading altcoins.

What Else:

Vitalik Buterin Becomes Honorary Doctorate of University of Basel

The faculty of business and economics at the University of Basel awarded the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin the title of honorary doctorate of science. According to the university, the oldest in Switzerland founded in 1460, an honorary degree is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of the development of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Bitmain Launches Crypto Index for Investors

The Chinese mining company Bitmain announced the launch of Bitmain Crypto Index, which will help investors monitor status of the digital asset market. The index will track a number of the largest and most liquid cryptocurrencies in the company's opinion and be expressed in the U.S. dollars.

Huawei Launches BCS Blockchain Platform for Global Use

Huawei Cloud, the largest telecommunications company, officially launched its Blockchain platform, BCS, based on the BaaS concept for global use. The platform was launched for commercial use in China in early 2018.

At 18:30 (GMT) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $131.2 billion

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) $4039 (-6.07%)
  • XRP (XRP/USD) $0.36 (-3.94%)
  • Ethereum (ETH/USD) $114 (-3.75%)
  • Stellar (XLM/USD) $0.16 (-4.15%)
  • Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) $175 (-3.45%)

Bitcoin SV (+1.88) showed the best growth in the top-10

Theta Token(+46.33) showed the best growth in the top-100

Market Dynamics

The trading volume of cryptocurrencies for 24 hours reached $16.84 (-1.93 billion per day)

Mining Profitability

  • BTC $1.48 for 10 TH/s ↘️
  • ETH $0.12 for 10 MH/s ⏸
  • BCH $3.98 for 1 TH/s ↗️
  • LTC $2.73 for 1 GH/s ↘️
  • DASH $0.04 for 1 GH/s ↗️

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