ICO Key Facts of the Week, November 19 - 23
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Most important events of this week related to startups and ICOs: news, expert reviews, new projects in our Calendar and, of course, the Rating!

Key News

This week ICO and startup community continued to experience tight regulation by the authorities, but it didn’t prevent the start of new projects.

Take a look at the most essential news of the current week:

The U.S Banned four ICO Companies

Colorado's financial regulator has halted the work of several ICO projects. The ministry’s press release mentions CrowdShare Mining, CyberSmart Coin Invest and Global Pay Net Cred LLC, also known as Credits. All of them promised investors high profit, which is considered one of the main signs of fraud, and posted false or distorted information on their sites. In general, Colorado authorities have already stopped 18 ICOs for violating securities laws. At least two more orders will be signed soon.

North Dakota Stops Russian Fraud ICO

The North Dakota Securities Department issued a decree on the immediate cessation

the activities of Russian ICO project, which presented itself as the Liechtenstein Union Bank AG. The Department found that the Union Bank Payment Coin (UBPC) token was copied from the Union Bank website, including style, graphics and text design, trying to promote its activities, although it didn’t have the permission.

Disney’s Blockchain Startup Wins Interchain™ Patent

Dragonchain won the U.S. patent for interchain for technology that visualizes the full power of united blockchain networks, according to the official blog. It was originally developed by Disney in 2014. Interchain is a tool by which various locking devices can communicate with each other.

ICO Expert Review: Cryptyk

An honest and strict review of Cryptyk project, which is both a decentralized platform for cybersecurity and a cloud storage that uses blockchain technology and self-propagating ecosystem.

Next Week ICOs

November 26 - InnovaMinex

November 28 - Cryptyk

No­vem­ber 29 - Elements Estates

November 30 - PlutusX

No­vem­ber 30 - iCumulate

Top of the Rating

iHodl.com has developed a unique rating system to judge ICO projects, which takes into account all aspects starting with the official website, up to the token platform itself. This time we matched the best past ICO projects according to our rating.

Top-5 Best Past ICOs

4.69Bitbon System





ICO Primer

Main texts by iHodl.com that everyone should read to study the ICO sphere:

ICO meme of the week

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