ICO Key Facts of the Week, November 12 - 16
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Most important events of the third week of November related to startups and ICOs: news, expert reviews, new projects in our Calendar and, of course, the Rating!

Key News

This week the world of ICO and startups was a moderately filled with news and events, but several high-profile statements were made by Сoinbase and Swiss and Korean startups.

Take a look at the most essential news of the current week:

Coinbase’s Startup Presents Home Miner for $799

Coinbase-backed crypto startup Coinmine introduced its own home miner Coinmine One, which can be bought for just $799. Coinmine One raised $2 million on its development. The founder of Coinmine says that the main idea of his company is to democratize access to mining in a fun and affordable way that looks like a video game. Miner Coinmine Onex will allow to mine only ethereum.

Swiss startup X8 will release stablecoin according to Sharia law

Switzerland-based financial technology company X8 AG has been certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) and an Islamic advisory firm, which is controlled by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Now the European startup can launch its own stablecoin in the Gulf states. X8 stablecoins created on the basis of ethereum platform and secured in addition to seven fiat currencies with gold. That should allay concerns of Islamic auditors about the volatility of the stablecoin and speculation opportunities. As part of its plans to expand business in the countries of the Middle East X8 is also reported to be planning to launch a crypto exchange which will also be governed by Sharia law.

Korean company launched ICO to make unhackable technology

On November, 15 Korean A-Nex, a cyber coin company, announced the start of ICO campaign. The innovative crypto company is intended for the sale and exchange of virtual currencies, smart contracts and tokens. The company, which provides its technology Cyber Advanced Technology (CAT) is one of the leaders of the digital scene. They invented the overwhelming technology of cloud computing, which will ensure the security of the crypto business and is well protected. Investor funds will be safe.

The core of cloud technology is the introduction of the Operational Technology-Operation Centric Networks (OT-OCNTM). This eliminates all the flaws and shortcomings of the existing Internet in blockchain standards that are not verifiable, decentralized and tracked by users involved in transactions.

ICO Expert Review: Worl­dopo

An honest and strict review of Worl­dopo, a crypto eco­nomic strat­egy game based on a blockchain, aug­mented re­al­ity and geo-po­si­tion­ing.

Next Week ICOs

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Top of the Rating

iHodl.com has developed a unique rating system to judge ICO projects, which takes into account all aspects starting with the official website, up to the token platform itself. This time we matched the best ongoing ICO projects according to our rating.

Top-5 Best Ongoing ICOs

3.76 — Cryptocean

3.61 — FortFC

3.48 — MillionCoin

3.46 — Cosmecoin

2.14 — 4ARTechnologies

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ICO meme of the week

And here’s something uplifting for you! Every week we will present an ICO meme, that depicts the main event from the ICO industry.

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