Key Facts of the Past 12 Hours - 16.11
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News and crypto rates update from the past 12 hours to keep you informed and up to date with the latest events that shape up the cryptocurrency world.

It's the bitcoin cash hardfork special: as we eagerly await the outcome of the fork, both sides seem to be still going at it, but the ABC protocol is 50 blocks ahead.


At 07:30 (GMT) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $184.73 billion.


Bit­coin Cash ac­ti­vated a hard fork. Now we can of­fi­cially talk about BCH split­ting into two com­pet­ing blockchains. The first block in the bit­coin ABC blockchain has been added by Bit­ pool.

Soon after the BCH hard­fork hap­pened, the blockchain blocks of the bit­coin ABC net­works have begun to fill in with thou­sands of small trans­ac­tions, the spam invasion.

The largest BCH min­ing pool, CoinGeek has faced with Dis­trib­uted De­nial of Ser­vice DDoS at­tack following their backing of bitcoin cash SV.

The founder & CEO of BKCM, Brian Kelly, said on Fast­Money that the cur­rent crypto civil war won’t last long.

Kin Founda­toin, which is en­gaged in the de­vel­op­ment of the Kik mes­sen­ger, will aban­don ethereum blockchain in favor of stel­lar.

Bi­nance asked its re­main­ing users from Iran to with­draw their money as the cryp­tocur­rency ex­change seeks to com­ply with in­ter­na­tional sanc­tions.

One of the two GPU gi­ants in the world, Nvidia, has plunged -17% as cryp­tocur­rency boom ends.

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