ICO Key Facts of the Week, November 5 - 9
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Most important events of the second week of November related to startups and ICOs: news, expert reviews, new projects in our Calendar and, of course, the Rating!

Key News

This week in the world of ICO and startups was like a calm sea: just a few statements from regulators from the United States and China. A little bit of peace and quiet doesn’t harm the ICO community.

Take a look at the most essential news of the current week:

China Central Bank Continues War Against ICOs

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) intends to prevent Chinese citizens from participating in ICOs, according to the bank’s financial stability report for 2018. Despite the ban and the constant warnings about participation in ICO campaigns, the number of ICOs and airdrops continue to grow. During 2018 more than 105,000 people from China participated in token sales, providing total funding amounting to about $377.3 million.

SEC to release ICO guide

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to issue a guide for ICO projects “in accessible English.” The document will spell out the rules according to which cryptocurrencies can be recognized as securities. When the guide comes out is still unknown, but it will clarify all the important issues for the organizers of token sales. In addition, the document will regulate transactions in the secondary market after the completion of ICO. The SEC will also provide advices to crypto startups on accounting, valuation, and storing tokens.

ICO Expert Review: Vertex

An honest and strict review of the Vertex platform for ICOs and investors, where investors trade various tokens before entering a cryptocurrency exchange.

Top of the Rating

iHodl.com has developed a unique rating system to judge ICO projects, which takes into account all aspects starting with the official website, up to the token platform itself. This time we matched the best ongoing ICO projects according to our rating.

Top-5 Best Ongoing ICOs






ICO meme of the week

And here’s something uplifting for you! Every week we will present an ICO meme, that depicts the main event from the ICO industry.

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