Key Facts of the Past 12 Hours - 6.11
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News and crypto rates update from the past 12 hours to keep you informed and up to date with the latest events that shape up the cryptocurrency world.


At 07:00 (GMT) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $214.64 billion.


Keeping Faith: AMD Launches Line of Miners

The company was not stopped even by a fall in profits, which is recorded due to a decrease in the popularity of mining on video cards.

Blockchain Voting: A Step to Refine Elections?

The use of distributed ledger technology allows reducing the risks of interference with the voting process, organizing a faster publication of the results and allowing remote voters to vote in a simpler way.

Swiss Financial Watchdog Estimates Crypto Risk at 800%

Swiss-based Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA issued advice to banks and other financial institutions to estimate risk coverage for cryptocurrencies at 800% of current market value.

IOTA Releases Qubic Update

In the latest update by Qubic, the company announced several important changes in the AbraLib library, which make the Abra language more user-friendly.

Deloitte to Deliver Digital Identity System Powered by Blockchain

Leading accounting firm Deloitte entered into a partnership with identity management company Attest Inc. in order to develop a digital identity system powered by the blockchain.

Bitcoin Consumes More Energy than Denmark

According to a recent study, mining the leading cryptocurrency in the world — bitcoin (BTC), consumes more electricity than Denmark.

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