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Nov. 6, 2018
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Why Does XRP Go Up?

On Tuesday, XRP quotes reached the maximum level of monthly values and were at $0.53. Allegedly, there are several reasons for the cryptocurrency rate to grow at once. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency exceeded $21.5 billion.

So, what affects the cost of XRP? Most likely, several events had an impact. On November 2, the Canadian platform CoinField Exchange, which uses Ripple's token its base currency, announced the launching of operations in 61 countries. For the first time, CoinField announced its intention to use XRP as a base asset in September in its Twitter account. The final decision coincided with the opening of the auction.

“False Musks” Back on Twitter

Internet fraudsters hacked several verified accounts on Twitter and disguised them as Elon Musk accounts in order to draw out bitcoins from users.

Attackers gained control over the profiles of the British distributor Pathe UK, Matalan department store and the American publishing house Pantheon Books along some other pages. Next, the hackers put in the profiles the name of the head of Tesla and his photos and posted messages about the action on the distribution of cryptocurrency. To circumvent the built-in protection of the social network, the attackers changed the letter “l” in the name to a similar sign. The name and surname remained similar to the real ones, but Twitter did not recognize the deception.

Check-Raise: Bitfury Group Closes $80 Million in Private Placement

Bitfury Group, an international technological blockchain company, has raised $80 million in a closed round from institutional and private investors.

The leading investor was the European venture capital fund Korelya Capital. The South Korean Internet giant Naver Group, Asian funds Macquarie Capital and Dentsu Inc., European investment company Armat Group, the heads of Jabre and Lian Group funds, investment company Argenthal Capital Partners, insurance group MACSF and Mike Novogratz’ cryptocurrency commercial bank Galaxy Digital took part in the round. The previous round’s participant, Eastern European Direct Investment Fund iTech Capital, also invested in Bitfury again.

European Investment Bank Bryan, Garnier & Co acted as a consultant to the private placement.

What Else:

Bitmain 7-nm Chip Antminer S15 & T15 Go on Sale

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain announces the start of sales of new ASIC-devices for mining Bitcoin – 7-nm chip Antminer S15 and T15.

Novogratz: In Q1 2019 Bitcoin will cost $10,000

Mike Novogratz, the CEO of crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital, predicts that bitcoin will break out of its 2018 doldrums and skyrocketed to $20,000 in 2019 because of the activity of institutional investors.

BTCC Closes its Mining Pool Business

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange BTCC is going to close its mining poolusiness called BTCC Pool Limited because of business adjustments.

Israel Regulator Finds Digital Shekel Irrelevant

The special team that is set up by Governor of the Bank of Israel Karnit Flug, finds that a central bank digital currency is not currently relevant for Israel

At 17:30 (GMT) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $216.5 billion

Market Dynamics

The trading volume of cryptocurrencies for 24 hours reached $14.9 billion (+1.5 billion per day)

Mining Profitability

  • BTC $2.20 for 10 TH/s ↘️
  • ETH $0.18 for 10 MH/s ⏸
  • BCH $0.26 for 1 TH/s ↗️
  • LTC $3.18 for 1 GH/s ↘️
  • DASH $0.05 for 1 GH/s ⏸

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