ICO Key Facts of the Week, 29 October - 2 November
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Most important events of the last days of October - beginning of November related to startups and ICOs: news, expert reviews, new projects in our Calendar and, of course, the Rating!

Key News

This week some interesting events in ICO and startup world have occurred: ICO regulation came into force in Malta, Thailand once again warns business away from participating in crypto startups while the New Zealand is investing in an ICO project. But the most significant news came from the developers of ethereum, who proposed a new model for ICO’s.

Take a look at the most essential news of the current week:

Ethereum Developer Offers New Model for ICO

Fabian Vogelsteller, the developer of Ethereum and co-founder of ERC-20 standard, offered a new model for ICO. He proposed a new launch system which would better protect the investors. A concept of a “reversible ICO” (RICO) as a fundraising model will allow investors to return their tokens at any stage of a project using a special smart contract.

Thailand’s Financial Regulator Warns of 9 Coins and ICOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has published information on unregistered tokens and ICOs that haven’t been approved by the authorities. Thai regulator has announced a list of questionable ICOs, launched by G2S Expert, Singhcom Enterprise, Adventure Hostel Bangkok and Kidstocurrency. The authorities noted that these coins didn’t apply for the approval of the commission, but they are widely advertised in social networks.

Go Malta! Crypto, ICOs & Smart Contract Acts Enforced

Maltese Parliament adopted laws that regulate cryptocurrencies and ICO - the VFAA (Virtual Financial Assets Act) act. The act defines cryptocurrencies as virtual financial assets (VFA) and ICOs as initial virtual financial assets offering (IVFAO). In order to be classified as the VFA, assets need to qualify in certain areas and only after that, they can be covered with VFAA.

Callaghan Innovation Gives Grant to Crypto Startup

New Zealand Innovation Institute Callahan Innovation has invested $330,000 in a local startup - trading platform and wallet called Vimba. Investments was made under the “R&D Project Grant”, issued by Callaghan Innovation. As it was mentioned cryptocurrency startup will use this funds to expand the range of services that it offers.

ICO Expert Review

A honest and strict review of the 4ArtTechnologies project that claims to solve the biggest problem in the world of art.

Top of the Rating

iHodl.com has developed a unique rating system to judge ICO projects, which takes into account all aspects starting with the official website, upto the token platform itself. This time we matched the best ongoing ICO projects according to our rating.

Top-5 Best Upcoming ICOs

4,96 - genEOS

3,76 - Cryptocean

3,48 - MillionCoin

3,46 - Cosmecoin

2,14 - 4ARTechnologies

ICO Primer

Main texts by iHodl.com that everyone should read to study the ICO sphere:

ICO song of the week

And here’s something uplifting for you! Every week we will present something, that will depict the main event from the ICO industry and this time it is a song by the team behind the Ethereum Project about new upcoming new platform and ICO projects.

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