Key Facts Of The Day 17.07.2018
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G20 Assess Crypto Risks

The G20 board responsible for financial regulation has announced plans to implement a framework designed to assess the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.


1. FSB is confident that monitoring volume and growth rates of the cryptocurrency market are critical to gaining an understanding of the possible size of its effects while evaluating them.

2. Monitoring will be introduced to eliminate threats to the market in the future. However, the board is confident that at the moment cryptocurrencies do not represent any danger to the stability of the financial market.

CFA Will Test Crypto Knowledge

Global financial training firm Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program will add questions regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain to their examinations starting from 2019.


1. Representatives of the CFA are confident that the crypto industry is not a temporary phenomenon as its developing faster than most other industries.

2. CFA examinations are in demand all over the world. In June, more than 227,000 people from 91 countries registered for the exams.

HK Regulator & Banks Unite Over Blockchain Platform

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and fintech company OneConnect, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Ping An Group, are launching a joint trading blockchain system. In total, more than 20 banks of Hong Kong will unite over a platform is set to accelerate transactions.


1. The key goal of the regulator and banks' is cooperation to reduce the time and bureaucracy associated with situations where new companies are starting off to use banking services to open accounts and make money transfers.

2. With the help of the blockchain some transactions will be carried out in just one day, whereas now they may take up to 14 days.

PayPal and Bitmain Invest into

A software publisher of EOSIO blockchain protocol— that underlies the EOS platform, received an investment from Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and from Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain. Another round of project funding was also attended by Alan Howard, the head of Brevan Howard, and Louis Bacon, the head of hedge fund Moore Capital Management. Earlier, the investments came from Christian Angermayer, the creator of Apeiron Investment Group Ltd. and Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital.


1. At the moment EOS is the fifth biggest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $7,1 billion.

2. EOS managed to conduct the largest and longest ICO in history, during which the project raised more than $4 billion. However, the transition from Ethereum blockchain to its own MainNet was not so smooth.

IBM Enters Price Stable Crypto Venture

American giant IBM, in cooperation with the Stronghold start-up, began working on a new cryptocurrency, tied to the US dollar. The stablecoin named Stronghold USD will be launched on blockchain Stellar, and is expected by the end of this year.


1. The technology-driven giant is a pioneer in the field of business solutions based on blockchain technology. For example, the company has developed a program with which it is possible to track the chain of international transfers in real time, and also to conduct such transactions several times faster.

2. Recently, stablecoins became one of the leading trends in the cryptocurrency market. So Tether, the most widely used analog of the USD, can now bypass the popularity of bitcoin. Many other companies also develop their own versions of the coin for $1, including Circle, TrustToken and Basis.

At 19:20 (GMT+1) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $293,6 billion

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) $7 338 (+10,09%)

Ethereum (ETH/USD) $507 (+6,57%)

XRP (XRP/USD) $0,50 (+9,11%)

Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) $860 (+8,23%)

EOS (EOS/USD) $8,80 (+9,69%)

TenX (+25,20%) showed the best growth in the top-100

Market Dynamics

The trading volume of cryptocurrencies for 24 hours reached $16,3 billion (+2,6 billion per day)

Mining Profitability

BTC $3,9 for 10 TH/s

ETH $0,38 for 10 MH/s

BCH $0,24 for 1 TH/s

LTC $4,47 for 1 GH/s

DASH $0,15 for 1 GH/s

Ongoing ICOs:

Expected ICOs:

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