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2 July

Tezos to Launch Betanet

The crypto project Tezos Foundation announced the launch of betanet. The developers believe that this is the “inflection point” and the future of the project now “rests in the hands of its community.” Tezos has proposed a genesis block that "now is the seed of the beta network."

In July 2017, during the initial offering of coins (ICO), the project gathered $232 million. However, Tezos was later accused of delaying the issue of tokens while the platform’s launch was postponed due to disputes between co-founders.

VeChain Mainnet Online

The VeChainThor Blockchain has officially launched according to the company announcement. VeChain is a blockchain project, aimed at creating and managing data on products and goods in supply chains.

VEN migration was supported by such cryptographic exchanges as Binance and Bithumb. The process should be finalised in a few weeks time.

SEC May Simplify ETF Regulations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put forward regulations aimed at simplifying the process of bringing new exchange-traded funds (ETF) to the market. The changes will mean that a special permit form the regulator will no longer be needed.

Chinese Mining Capital Flooded

A major cryptocurrency mining operation has been severely affected in the Chinese province of Sichuan due to heavy rains on 27 & 28 June resulting in devastating floods. It is unclear whether the proclaimed tens of thousands of affected mining devices can be repaired since the damage is reportedly irreversible. Also unknown is how many units have been lost to the flood or what cryptocurrencies were they mining.

WAVES Bring DEX Exchange

The CEO of WAVES, a global public blockchain platform Alexander Ivanov has made a telegram announcement following a poll, whehe the WAVES community has said it wants “Waves DEX to be launched as a separate project, full scale decentralized crypto exchange, with user experience and usability close to centralized exchanges?” 76% of the community has voted in favour of the proposition.

At 11.00 (GMT+1) total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $255,3 billion

Cardano (+2,11%) showed the best growth in the top-10

0x (+10,61%) showed the best growth in the top-100

Market Dynamics

The trading volume of cryptocurrencies for 24 hours reached $14,53 billion (+2,63 billion per day)

Mining Profitability

  • BTC $3,1 for 10 TH/s
  • ETH $0,40 for 10 MH/s
  • BCH $0,25 for 1 TH/s
  • LTC $3,9 for 1 GH/s
  • DASH $0,14 for 1 GH/s

Ongoing ICOs:

Expected ICOs:

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By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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