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Eos, or There and Back Again

Earlier on Saturday the newly launched EOS mainnet went down for around five hours after a vital bug was discovered in the system. This occurred only days after the blockchain was officially launched by the company behind EOS – Block.One. As things stands the network is up and running according tothe EOS network monitor page.

Italy Cease BitGrail Wallets

Bitcoin wallets belonging to Italy based cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail were ceased by a court in Florence as part of it’s bankruptcy proceedings. BitGrail first reported issues when it announced that around $170ml were lost in a hack attack in February 2018. The exchanges’ attempts to settle with its clients was unsuccessful as victims filed for a court order.

Ethereum Upgrade Plan

An ethereum core developers meeting took place late lastweek, upon which a delay to the upcoming Casper and sharding updates to the network were agreed upon. Also, the two biggest upgrades will now be released together according to the new roadmap.

Casper which was announced in October 2017, is a Proof of stake (PoS) system amid at replacing the existing one. It could be released as part of a larger sharding upgrade or as a sidechain.

Sharding was an upgrade announced by ethereum’s co - founder Vitalik Buterin in April this year. As the result of this upgrade, the blockchain would be able to process a larger number of transactions.

Buterin stated that the delay would allow to “scale up” the network while also reducing the number of tokens needed to participate in staking from 1,500 to just 32 ETH, making the process more engaging for users.

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