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May 15, 2018
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Russia to Register Crypto Owners

The Russian Ministry of Finance will create a register of cryptocurrency investors. People that own cryptocurrency will have to disclose their passport and taxpayer ID and pass certification to be able to invest in ICOs.

Samourai and goTenna Work on Offline Bitcoin Access

Samourai Wallet and goTenna are creating a new Android app called txTenna to use mesh networking for Bitcoin transactions. goTenna is known for producing hardware to facilitate communication through mesh networks - next-generation off-grid communication technologies that bypass service providers and cell towers. txTenna will pair users’ phones to goTenna’s portable antennas and broadcast transactions.

CME Provides Daily & Real-time ETH-USD Index

CME Group and Crypto Facilities Ltd. (CF) are launching a daily updated Ethereum (ETH/USD) reference rate and a real-time ETH/USD index .The reference rate intends to provide “a daily benchmark price in U.S. dollars” every 24 hours, while the real-time price will be “based on transactions and order book activity” from two big cryptocurrency exchanges: Kraken and Bitstamp. CME Group announced that the rates will “provide a standardized reference rate and spot price index to bring confidence to any trading strategy”.

Amber Baldet’s Clovyr is Here to Help Blockchain Developers

Former JPMorgan blockchain employee Amber Baldet and cryptographer Patrick Mylund Nielsen, have finally revealed Clovyr, a decentralized application store, at Consensus 2018 in New York.The idea behind Clovyr is to bring all the necessary tools for developers into an ecosystem that will enable simpler and faster application development.

EU to Identify Crypto Exchange Users

The EU is clamping down on illegal transactions and money laundering. On Monday, the bloc agreed to force cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to provide the identity of their clients, just like ordinary banks. Anonymity is most likely the main driver behind the surging popularity of digital currencies - total crypto market values passed $400 billion this year. Conducting transactions in cryptocurrencies bypasses government-regulated payment systems, which is highly appealing to drug dealers and terrorists.

Total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $406 921 222 939

Bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) is up 3,62% to $8 752,05

Ethereum (ETH/USD) is up 3,21% to $732,28

Ripple (XRP/USD) is up 1,94% to $0,743232

Bitcoin Cash (EXANTE: Bitcoin.Cash) is up 1,66% to $1 422,41

EOS (EOS/USD) is up 1,03% to $14,24

Expected ICOs

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By Nadya Astam

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