Key Facts Of The Day 10.05.2018
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China Plans to Introduce Blockchain Standards in 2019

Officials plan to include basic business standards, to define the process and methods of using blockchain, to guarantee reliable and functionally compatible rules. According to the authorities, the main goal is to direct the industry, and not to accelerate the development of blockchain technologies.

Security Problems. Electrum Has an “Evil Twin” and Researchers Found Weakness in Zcash.

The team of the well-known crypto-wallet Electrum claims that Electrum Pro is a bitcoin-stealing malware. They provided a detailed explanation. At the same time cryptocurrency Zcash faced security problems. Four researchers from University College London found that certain sequence of procedures while transfering anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash significantly reduces transactions confidentiality.

Zilliqa Cryptocurrency Has Grown 8 Fold in The Last Month

ZIL rate rose 28% to a historic high of $ 0.23. In early April, it hasn’t exceeded $ 0.03. The jump has occurred following news that Upbit and Bithumb, large exchanges from South Korea, will add an opportunity to trade in cryptocurrency in the near future, as coin representatives tweeted in the official account.

Dalia Research: “How Many People Actually Own Cryptocurrency?”

Dalia Research decided to measure the spread of awareness, knowledge, buying intention and ownership of cryptocurrency. The survey involved more than 29 000 people connected to Internet in 8 countries with the largest cryptocurrency markets (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China and India). It turned out that only 50% of respondents really understand what cryptocurrency is.

Key Facts Of The Day 10.05.2018
Dalia Research

Largest Cryptocurrency Mining Farm to Open in South Carolina

Greenville-based startup Treis Mining will invest about $10 million in a cryptocurrency data center in South Carolina. While the reward for successful mining becomes smaller and smaller, Treis is going to have the hardware necessary to compete, representatives assure.

Total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $ 426 007 526 404

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is 1,74% down to $9170,33
  • Ethereum (ETH/USD) is 1,21% down to $744,53
  • Ripple (XRP/USD) is 2,84% down to $0,79
  • Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) is 3,9% down to $1592,19
  • EOS (EOS/USD) is 0,13% up to $18,01

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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