Crypto Fools Day in Review: from Buterin's 'WTF' to ‘Lambos’
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April 2, 2018
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Every year, individuals and brands in crypto world celebrate April Fools’ Day by playing pranks or practical jokes on one another. This year was no different.

OnePlus ‘introduced’ PeiCoin

The company’s co-founder Carl Pei announced ‘it’s jumping on the blockchain train with the imminent launch of PeiCoin’.

OnePlus describes the PeiCoin as a digital currency that will be integrated with future OxygenOS releases, which is meant “exclusively for OnePlus users,” and will launch in April.

According to OnePlus, a few forum users will recieve beta access to the PeiCoin Wallet, which will only run on devices with OxygenOS — its custom version of Android. Users will then be able to request and send PeiCoin directly to other OnePlus users.

You can also receive tips by participating in the company’s forums, mine the coins on your own devices, or join a pool with other users. It’s all supported by an open-source framework.


Ethereum (ETC/USD) co-founder Vitalik Buterin posted an April Fool’s blog post announcing the launch of an Ethereum “stablecoin” called the World Trade Franc (WTF).

‘We have long recognized that in order for cryptocurrency to reach mass adoption, a form of cryptocurrency that has higher price stability than existing cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH would be needed so that people can use the currency to store funds and engage in commerce without worrying about their monthly salary dropping by 57% between the time they receive it and the time they can use the money to buy products. Unfortunately, we’ve found that the existing stablecoins all have various flaws; Tether is unauditable, Nubits has already once collapsed in price, Seignorage Shares is after three years still just a whitepaper and MakerDAO is an inadequate joke because…. reasons. As a result, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands, and issue our own officially branded stablecoin, and use this as an opportunity to make another ICO.’ — the post runs.

The WTF, which Buterin refers to as “combining all benefits of capitalism and socialism with none of the downsides of either,” is currently being marketed to “sketchy Pacific island nations national governments."

Here is a screenshot of WTF’s “people”.


However that was not the only crypto prank involving Vitalik Buterin. Jesus Coin tweeted on April 1st about the new addition of Ethereum’s co-founder to their management team.

‘I have great news Vitaly Buterin has joined us. Retweet @VitalikButerin, get another 10,000 JC and let’s pass moon and get straight to heaven!’ — the tweet said.


A popular service for adding money to prepaid phones with Bitcoin (Bitcoin) — Bitrefill — tweeted yesterday they were changing their name to “S**trefill”. They even announced the change of their official URL to

In their Medium blog post they added that due to a dramatic decrease in demand for spending Bitcoin, they were switching to “s**tcoins.”


A popular cryptocurrency market cap ranking resource, Coinmarketcap added a 'Lambo' currency reference for its listed assets, showing equivalents in 'Lambos' to each currency.

As Bitcoin is currently trading for around $6,561, one Coinmarketcap’s 'Lambo' is equal to exactly $200,000.

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