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Pepperstone is an online forex broker. Pepperstone offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT Mobile, and WebTrader trading currency top platform. Pepperstone.com offers over 20 currency pairs, gold, and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
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MT4, MT5, MT Mobile, cTrader, Myfxbook, Signal Trader, WebTrader

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MT4, MT5, MT Mobile, cTrader, Myfxbook, Signal Trader, WebTrader
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angrywater Nov. 9, 2016
For currnent time, I will suggest that just stay away from #Pepperstone, they have many excuses before and even after user got evidences they had some problems. They may be good before, but now they are NOT, maybe even changed into a scammer. Be careful, regulation can not guarantee a broker don't do dirty things to you, they may fake out "tech issues" when you get a good entry trade or in profit. For ex., the classic "tech issue" is to blame on your ISP was suck, but the fact is, even on their official suggested VPS, MT4 will disconnect "at the correct moment" when you will get a best entry. Such as, it had happened on the last biggest NFP news event of the year 2016. I had provided evidence but they never want to investigate what had happened. On the last NFP, they even didn't let me close my trade when my account still has some fund in it, I wanted to close the loss trade when the account has level about 30%, but I can not close it buy one click trade at that moment, my order just disappeared, and my account was stopped out 3 seconds after my order was created with -316%, not even close to +20% stop out level they claimed. The spread was high at the news event but only under control at most stop out 20% or let me close it manually will be about 30% remain, and they just Hudini my order and took the price even did not exist higher over 900 points on the chart and let my account became -316% level. When I ask about the account level, they said "No problem", just as any execuses when they were not got caught. See this "CRITICAL ISSUE" I had caught here: http://i.imgur.com/OSn7fgF.png They finally compensated this order *only*, but only the one I stared on it and caught. they won't admit anything if you did not stare on the chart and catch the dirty thing personally. (But if I have to do it, how come I using an EA to trade for me? Even manually trader can not 24/7 stare on the chart, not even an EA trader.) And sometimes another classic "tech issue" is lost price ticks (price doesn't update) on your trading account when you have some order with good entry or your EA will catch good entry, they just don't tick your EA new price. They call its tech issue or "NO OTHER CLIENT HAS PROBLEM BUT YOURSELF PROBLEM". Yes, it's true, you will get "ONLY YOU HAVE PROBLEM", it will only happen on your current trading account, but you won't get any problem if your account is not using and 0.0 deposit in it. The "RESTING" accounts will perform without even any piece of problem just like a Demo account very well. I had done some tests on 2 accounts in the same time with 2 MT4, the empty account would connect well and price ticks normally, but on the account which had fund within and doing trade, it just doesn't get price ticks normally for over minutes many times, and disconnected oftenly when the trend is good to you. (I had to do EA notification to catch such dirty things to see how often and how long they disconnect my trading account when my EA had chances to get good trend or an order in profit. They just don't want my EA to scalp it in profit by dirty disconnected my account even on NYC VPS they official recommended.) All these suspicious dirty scam things they won't admit until you got iron evidence like a screenshot with dark price gap, if you got evidence, they will just take the part you caught, but never compensate others trades which may have the same problerm that you did not catch it. All these they call "tech issues", and regulation could not help on tech issues, but they will keep shooting you issue, issue, issue, issue... again and again on your current trading live account. If you do not stare on the chart 24/7, then you could not catch them, and regulation won't say they are scamming but tech issues. Did Pepperstone scam? I don't know. Did Pepperstone always has some TERRIBLE CRITICAL ISSUES? I can confirm that with my live trading experience. However, you will finally trapped by tons of "TECH ISSUES" and lose all your money there. Maybe they will be stunning again someday in the future, - BUT - in current phase, for your own money good, I won't suggest to trade with them, and hope you are clever enough to stay away from Pepperstone.
Honag Sept. 16, 2015
Haveing been trading with them about 1 year and so far everything is ok. Do offer decent spreads on majors especially I trade eurusd and audusd a lot.
S. D. Sept. 16, 2015
m a client of Pepperstone for more than a year. In this period I made hundreds of trades per month and more than once I had issues that always resulted in losses for me, however I was too busy and concentrated in my trades to review the real cause of some margin stop-outs and other kind of forced losses. Lately, I noticed that these issues increased and the money in my account was erased in no time. A few days ago, they blocked my positions leaving me without any possibility to control them, invoking "server issues" . The failure was extended for 1,5 hours...unbelievable. In the moment of the failure my positions were losing money but the next day the market turned and I could have profited in both of them a lot. Of course, the bad consequences were for me, during the period was forced to lose almost all my money because was impossible to me to react, invert, had margin information to prevent stop-out, etc. So, in the moment that the service returned, the margin was not enough and the positions were stopped out with enormous losses. I presented a complaint to recover my money but they refuse the devolution arguing that the market went against my trades during the "servers outage", forcing me to accept that the positions should be stopped at the time at the failure, forcing me to accept the bad consequences of their failure, but at that time my margin was enough and with the control of my positions I had the chance to protect them in whatever direction the market turned . This is serious business because if you lost control of your positions then the positions are hijacked and Pepperstone should assume total responsibility of any negative outcome and not partial responsibility depending of the market behaviour . After discussion they even stated that tech issues were a risk and they are not obligated to take responsibility. This is equivalent to say that they can rob you anytime they want. This is too serious and I was shocked. After this event I'm reviewing all my trades and had identified another situation where their quotes in a indice CFD are completely erroneous and ranging exaggeratedly provoking a stop-out in my position, that would be an excellent trade and they forced me to lose 50% of my money because of that manipulation. If the position remained open I would profited the triple of my investment. I complained also for that but they are producing more excuses and denying responsibility when I presented all the facts and comparisons with 3 other brokers in the same instrument at the same time. This practices are not acceptable and I'm experiencing that instead of investing and exposing me to the inherent risk of the market, my money is at bigger risk with this broker. Now I'm preparing a formal complaint with FOS and other government agencies to expose the situation and recover my money. Expect to return here and write about a happy end, but it will be hard work, lots of time and expenses to defend my case. Be careful, be very careful with this broker.

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