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Joachim May 5, 2016
If the person reading this is considering an investment with this brood of VIPERS!!! Please make no such commitment - for you will surely regret it! Be under no illusion people this is a most EVIL company of thieves and black hearted villains, and they are like RABID RATS online posting everywhere praising and defending their quagmire of bullshit and artifice! THIS IS A SCAM PEOPLE!! LET ME NOW INTRODUCE YOU TO THIS HOUSE OF HORRORS!! READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT! You may have found yourself at their website top-binary.signals.com - where down in the bottom right corner a chat box will be trying to get your attention - if the products and services of their website appealed to you then you would chat with them there in that box. There in that conversation you would begin to ask them about their products and services whereas amongst their answers they will ask you whether you have Skype and move you to an ‰ÛÏAccount Manager‰Û� on Skype. (THIS IS YOUR WORST ENEMY DISGUISED AS A FRIEND) That account manager will offer you a trial of their Skype trading sessions, a group Skype conversation where you will "see", not meet, but "see" approx 100 people and one trader who in this conversation will send you trading signals. Most of those "people" are just dummy accounts, they're nobody - and to the somebodies(staff) in this session that is exactly what you are too, you're NOBODY to them. This my friends, people who have been scammed, and people who will be scammed if they do not heed this !WARNING! - this is the SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!! You are absolutely nothing to them! They don't care about you, your family, your children or the effects that their actions here will have on you, your job, your life and future! They know what they are going to do and snigger behind their masks, for they will feast upon your corpse, like the evil crows they are. This is where you get SLAUGHTERED!! Check it out, Before the session begins the trader, who goes by many names of which some are ‰ÛÏLucy Larsen‰Û�, ‰ÛÏKyoden Hyoshi‰Û�, ‰ÛÏKatrina Weisz‰Û�, "Felix De Vries" etc.. of course no one can be sure who sits on the other end of that name but you can be damn sure its not Lucy, Kyoden, Katrina or Felix. This trader for that session will post a well formulated message (little in the way of grammatical or language errors - something that wins your trust also) on how to use the signals that are sent and then she/he will post the message "Market Open!' Then‰Û_..oh man...then....you will meet the most backstabbing, double crossing wretches you'll ever find!! They go by such names as "Nathan Smith", "Lovely Chambers", "Anchor Investments" and "Hiroshi Godson" (these names will no doubt be changed after reading this or perhaps they're changed periodically). They are there to appear as clients, like yourself. They‰Ûªre trading and winning and praising their other counterpart the trader for their superior skills. But these are all staff posing as clients. Its only you and a few others in these sessions that are actually clients!! These BACKSTABBERS all share the same IP address as the other members of staff incl. your account manager. They wait for any opportunity to appear as a client - both supportive and critical, just as a real client would be - and especially for when you contact them so they may praise TBS/Eclipse and their service and show you pictures of their withdrawals and experiences of good service - confirming in you a sense of trust that this is all legitimate - but its all bullshit and lies and you're being managed! While all this trading is going on and you're being convinced by the traders skill and the backstabbers lies, you're having an ongoing conversation with your account manager. You two speak about many things, he/she is so nice, attentive, professional, well formulated and so RESPONSIVE(take note of this for later, they're very responsive) but the account manager has one goal......to get you to invest in the Managed Account Service! That, my friend, is your DOOM. The MAS is where you invest 15k (Micro), 25k (Standard), 50k (Pro) etc... where each level represents better, more favourable, account conditions and after having chosen one of them the traders Skype signals will then be traded for you on this MAS(TRAP) account. Each weekend you can check your account and all the trades performed on it. All the trades are in harmony with the Skype sessions‰Û_every minute‰Û_every second‰Û_.every strike price‰Û_.it all checks out‰Û_.and it is also in harmony with the actual market price‰Û_.so it all appears legitimate...but if you have come to this point then you have already lost the money you invested that brought you there, all those profits are nothing more than numbers on a screen. Your money is gone. But they're not done with you yet! Oh no they have to bleed you some more! Because when you invested you accepted trading bonuses and
FxForexSA Sept. 22, 2015
PLEASEDO NOT INVEST WITH THESE SCAMMERS!! - THEY WILL RUN AWAY WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!! My experience is basically the same disaster as the previous members. I quote the initial mail that was sent to me by Katarina Bailey (Or whatever her or his name might be?) from eclipse finance You will see that the names of Katarina & Nicole is both in different fonts as the rest of the letters which indicates that they use a standard template to invite new investors just the names are being changed every time. It is possibly Joe Soap and who ever now. Good Day Sir! My name is Katarina Bailey from Eclipse Finance. I was informed by Miss Nicole Barnes that you will be one of our MAS clients and thinking of getting the slot for our promotion which Miss Barnes reserved for you. However, you were bothered by the comments that you have read online. First, I wanted you to know that there are lots of people in this industry who wants to get people's money for their own good. However, they cannot do that if there are honest people who wanted to help. Clients always look for honest, trustworthy companies. So having that said, "bad companies" need to put down "good companies" in order to get money out of their clients' pockets and just disappear. The reason why I am sending you a letter is not because we wanted you to push with you gaining profits with us. But we wanted you to be careful of who to trust or who to believe. We've been working with TBS for almost 4 years now and we still have clients from the first few years that we started. That just simply show how they trust us and how we help them as well. Also, we have something to offer to you just to give you an assurance and to clear your mind. Please message me or Miss Barnes for more information.‰Û� ‰Û¢ Now the offer that was offered to me from Miss Nicole Barnes (Again whatever her or his name might be) via SKYPE as well as my reply confirming the offer. ‰ÛÏNicole Barnes ‰ÛÏYes. So here's the deal that I have closed with the management. We can go with the $10,000 without the bonus first. Then after 2 weeks, you can try the withdrawal process. Then after you have withdrawn, you can either keep the money or deposit it back. And we will put the bonus and trade it for another 90 days. After the 90 days trading, you can withdraw again. Me: Thank you for the offer Nicole. So to clarify. 10K deposit no bonus - Then two weeks after I can withdraw all the funds and re deposit 10k with bonus from there 90 days before the next withdrawal. Me: No problem, I'll be here. Me: Sorry One more question. Would you know what the trade size would be in $? Nicole Barnes: $25 as of now, Jan. After 30 days will increase to $50 Me: Thank You. So they started trading my account and after two weeks it was in a profit of $897.00 from where I requested a withdrawal of the $897.00. Surprise, Surprise - It is now over a month and no withdrawal has been granted and guess what. I can‰Ûªt get hold of them on Skype, Phone or E-mail. I also reported that there are trades that does not reflect in my account, but nothing has been done to rectify it. In the interim Miss Nicole Barnes went on leave and her college Isabelle Ricci (Also it might have been Joe Soap) contact me on Skype insisting I deposit another R777.00 because my MAS account has now been deactivated. Again the offer percentage was 70/30. They will keep 30% of the profits generated as commission, so where does the $777.00 now come from? I think they are just trying to squeeze the last blood out of me before they permanently discard me. Conclusion: PLEASE DON‰ÛªT‰Ûª AND I MEAN DON‰ÛªT INVEST WITH THEM! EVEN IF THEY TELL YOU THAT THESE THREATS ARE FROM THEIR COMPETION WHO TRIES AND RUIN THEIR REPUTATION. I also add the letter from the supposed management. ‰ÛÏDear Miss Barnes, In behalf of Eclipse Finance, we apologize for the mess up of the account of your client Mr. __________ We will reviewed the letter and forwarded to our back office team for them to fix the missing trades and as well as the incorrect trade size. We might be needing your patience as we are experiencing random technical issues lately because of the cyber viruses that we experience due to our competitors trying to go into our system. But rest assured that we will fix it within the weekend. As for his withdrawal ($897.00), this is something that is not new if it will take longer that 3-5 business days as we verify and we make sure that the bank that we are transferring the money is safe and the money of our dear clients are safe as well. We have some verification process to go through. But please assure your client that them money will be in his bank with in this month. For Miss Katarina Bailey, we already called her attention so that this will not happen again to both you and the clients. Thank you for your patience and under

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