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Caleb Dec. 12, 2014
I don‰Ûªt have good experience with BinaryTilt. Jane Scott is the Head Broker at BinaryTilt. She said in the email "She is trying to get a hold of me over the phone, unfortunately without much success" on August 26th, 2014. In fact, I have not received her phone call on that day. I think she was trying to make feel a sense of guilt. The way they work is we have to a schedule training session(s). The training session took a little over 24 minutes. The first training session she taught me about how to look at Japanese Candlestick Chart, and what is Relative Strength Index (RSI). But here is the problem. She chose an AUD/USD Asset. She said she saw that the Australian dollar is on the top. It was really strong. She asked me ‰ÛÏSo what position are we going to open? I said buy a ‰ÛÏCALL‰Û� option. She told me that ‰ÛÏwhen it is in the boundaries of between 20 to 70th Level and reaches the top it always drops down. A good position to open right now will be a ‰ÛÏPUT‰Û� position.‰Û� She chose an expiry time to be another 20-30 minutes from that time. She told me that I need to place a trade. She gave me instructions to enter in the bottom $25 and click ‰ÛÏPUT‰Û�. Then click the blue ‰ÛÏINVEST NOW‰Û� button. I have followed her instructions and upon the expiry of the Asset the result was ‰ÛÏTrader Loosing Income‰Û� on August 27th, 2014. I ended up losing than winning after following her instructions. Therefore it didn‰Ûªt work well. I have learned that trading with one indicator alone will not necessarily a good way to win trades and make money. I need to trade using other Indicators than just the RSI indicator. She didn‰Ûªt tell me this. I wanted to trade using my own strategy or signal service. But it seems that it is mandatory to follow her instructions before I can do anything with my funds. I don‰Ûªt seem to have any control over my initial deposit and how I want to trade. Just imagine for a minute for every training session it is a must to place a trade and follow her instructions. After 4 risk free trades I will have to trade live using my initial deposit. And after following her instructions I keep on losing money after each trade. I think she might use this tactic to make clients lose money easily. She also request that I download TeamViewer so that she could do remote and I would be able to see what she is doing instead of explaining everything on the phone. She thinks she could give me the best training using this method. But I think this compromises my privacy and I don‰Ûªt like this. If they really wanted to help Beginner Traders I think what they should do is to create more in-depth and detailed video tutorials and also to offer a Demo Account for training purpose and trying out different trading strategies. I think their business ethic is not good. After this bad experience I have with BinaryTilt I will never use their service again.
Siddharth Aug. 6, 2014
After 3rd Withdrawal, My account was closed because suddenly they found out that their regulators don't allow Canadian traders, a very good but untruthful reason to close down account just because i was consistently profitable. They will only like, if you loose money. Unethical business actions. I am not happy at all.
Emely Dec. 26, 2012
I have been trading binary options for over 6 months and just joined this forum to have a chat with fellow traders and then came across my broker page and saw the lack of reviews so thought i would add mine too! i had deposited with a few brokers before i came across binarytilt, but all of them gave me some grief to do with withdrawing or pressuring me to deposit more. I then decided to do my own research after I made a complaint to cysec and wasnt happy with their handling of the issue. I looked for some real regulators (not cysec) and found binarytilt was regulated in new zealand and the FSPR there are red hot on handling any kind of complaint in case i ever had a problem with withdrawals etc. Anyway i am happy to say that i havent had a problem with them at all, my account manager Randy was fantastic from the start. Welcomed me to the platform and there was no strong arm tactics or trying to upsell me. I then also received a free training session from one of the brokers there on how to use RSI in training, which i found helpful and used it in my trading. last week i got invited to a free webinar they offered for their traders and their senior analyst Mike ran it - i really learnt a lot All in all i have been happy with these guys and would recommend them to anyone who wants not to worry about anything but their trading. Big thumbs up from me, and i will continue to use these guys for my binary trading

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