Solana-Based DarleyGo Secures Large Scale Backers for its Seed Round to Boost Game Development
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Bringing coveted horse racing into the digital arena, DarleyGo has been recognized internationally for its efforts in developing a decentralized game that merges different concepts of horse racing and cryptos to deliver an exceptional product.

Lately, a team of different venture capital and funding platforms have taken notice of the project and have put their weight behind the team through a seed fund round.

Untapped Potential

The Play-to-Earn economy is still young, but that doesn’t mean that it is immature. Many projects are coming up lately and DarleyGo has been able to stand out in the sea of different P2E projects, largely thanks to interactive gameplay elements and a rich storyline.

The project has caught the attention of a group of major blockchain backing platforms, who see the project as having a huge untapped potential at this stage. As per the DarleyGo team, they have decided to go with a private seed round with these firms backing its development. Backers include Jump Capital, its lead investor, and Genesis Block Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, GuildFi, GBIC, Paribus Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Panony, Follow the Seed and Athena Ventures.

The addition of different crypto investing platforms is a testament to the commitment of the DarleyGo team towards producing a world-class gaming platform that will appeal to a wide audience. The money raised from the seed round will be used to accelerate the creation of the DarleyGo metaverse so that it can be brought to the public easily.

What’s So Special About DarleyGo?

For many, DarleyGo represents a fantastic opportunity to live their dreams. According to the DarleyGo team, their success lies in the fact that their project has been able to capture the minds of the crypto community and generated a following that consists of blockchain enthusiasts, artists and creative people and more importantly, actual horse racing fans.

The support from fans and the industry is without a doubt a major factor in the swift growth and development of the platform. DarleyGo has recently received the highly distinguished and recognized Community Choice Awards in the IGNITION hackathon held by none other than Solana Ventures. The award’s winning is a clear indication that DarleyGo has become a global phenomenon with recognition from all areas of the crypto community.

Altair: The World of Horses

DarleyGo is not just another decentralized gaming project. It boasts a deeply rich story that attracts people from all walks of life, be it ordinary players, GameFi enthusiasts and even horse racing fans. Set in the fictional galaxy of Kavaia, Altair is a planet that has evolved horses as the main species.

Segregated into three different tribes of Areo, Hayato and Darley, these mythical creatures are called each year to the most coveted and anticipated event of Horses-Above-All-Horses. The century-long tradition consists of different races and tasks, with the winner being crowned the champion and bringing glory to its tribe.

It is not just about the event. Players will have different distinct modes to enjoy, such as Racing Mode (with up to 12 players in a race), the Trainer Mode (open environment exploring), and a Breeding Mode (create offspring from your owned horses).

All horses within the game are NFT based, each having unique attributes and some common ones (depending on the tribe affiliation). With that being said, DarleyGo will also eventually release a metaverse that players will be able to use with different VR devices to gain an immersive experience of Altair.

DarleyGo consists of an extensively experienced team that includes horse racing, game developers, graphic designers and blockchain experts and the NFT based GameFi platform is set to change the gaming industry.

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