Blockchain Ecosystem ParallelChain Unveils its Mainnet Roadmap
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ParallelChain has just unveiled the roadmap for the next steps of the project.

ParallelChain is a scalable blockchain ecosystem of two layer-1 platforms: the public mainnet and private networks.

In this ecosystem, all networks are interoperable at the protocol level through a secure and private channel called Inter-ParallelChain Communication (IPC).

According to the company's site, this IPC offers an interface between the metaverse and the real world and allows the operation of apps across public and private layers.

In addition, the Inter-ParallelChain Communication allows networks on the private layer to piggyback on the mainnet's consensus and enjoy stronger security at the same time it preserves their privacy and autonomy.

Another functionality worth mentioning is the Inter-ParallelChain Proof-of-Immutability (IPPoIM), which is an auditing function which has been specially designed to remove the trust barrier between members of a private network by enabling them to verify the network's tamper-proofness without the need to access on-chain data.

Now the project has just made public the ParallelChain launch schedule. According to it, the project developers plan to run 4 testnets before the launch of the mainnet takes place. Each testnet launch will include:

Testnet 1: Expected to launch in Q1 2022

  • Turing-complete WASM smart contracts with a Rust SDK, allowing users to write and use their own decentralized apps on Testnet 1.
  • Web platform enabling users to deploy their contracts on Testnet 1 and make transactions and smart contract calls. In addition, they will be able to explore the blockchain and world state.
  • Centralized deployment on ParallelChain Lab hardware.

Testnet 2: Expected to launch in Q2 2022

  • Integration of ParallelWallet: thanks to this, users will be able to see and use their Testnet 2 accounts through an Android or iOS device, a browser will not be required.
  • Proposal of the PRFC-1 ("ParallelChain Request For Comments") token standard for deliberation and approval.
  • Distributed deployment in geographically disparate nodes paving the way for fully decentralized deployment when the mainnet is launched.
  • Users will be able to stake their Testnet 2 tokens to designated operators, which will have an impact on their power in consensus.

Testnet 3: Expected to launch in Q3 2022

  • Most of the mainnet’s governance functionality is expected to be available by Testnet 3.
  • Users' smart contracts will now be upgradeable.
  • Decentralized deployment in cooperation with selected XPLL holders.

Testnet 4: Expected to launch in late Q3 2022

  • There will be a stress test of the full mainnet functionality.
  • Complete governance functionality.
  • Decentralized deployment available for all the holders of XPLL.

As far as the ParallelChain mainnet is concerned, it is scheduled to launch in early Q4 2022.

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