Cudos’ Partnership with MELD Aims to Revolutionize Financial Inclusion for Third World Countries
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Organizations and people living in third-world countries will soon experience a fundamental financial turnaround, all thanks to the strategic partnership between Cudos and MELD. MELD can grant financial access of about fifteen billion dollars to over two billion adults across the world who do not have bank details, especially those in third-world countries. The aim is to create a platform to empower these individuals to experience a revolutionized financial control by providing them with the necessary tools and services required to manage their funds adequately.

Details About the Partnership

Cudos is building a network to support financial and inclusive growth in third-world countries, especially African countries. To achieve this, Cudos has entered into a partnership with MELD, a platform that seeks to offer financial freedom and control to the masses. This strategic partnership aims to support each other’s protocols to offer everyone a more comprehensive financial service. MELD plans to build a MELDapp wallet and integrate it into the Cudos crypto-mining infrastructure. The integration of the Cudos network into the MELDapp will be revolutionary. MELD will also work closely with Cudos to incorporate Cudos cloud mining capabilities to Tingo customers in the Tingo mobile device ecosystem, including MELD services. In the coming months, Cudos and MELD will work closely with each other to integrate these functionalities into each other’s protocols.

Cudos will provide a functioning Application Programming Interface (API) that MELD can connect to, thereby supporting the integration of the MELDapp. Also, Cudos will deliver technical documentation for the integration of the Cudos network and API. The Cudos protocol will also support and recognize the MELD protocol tokens such as $MELD, $mBTC, $mYEN, $mETH, $mUSD and $mUER. On the other hand, MELD will provide an interface into the Cudos network API from the MELDapp wallets. This will grant MELDapp users access to Cudos Cloud mining services. Additionally, MELD will expose its digital assets and payment functionality to the Cudos network, thus making it easier for users to purchase cloud mining resources.

Overview of Cudos Network

Cudos is a layer-one blockchain and a community-governed computer platform built to realize decentralized, no-permission access to high-level computing at scale. An open network launchpad provides the needed ecosystem to realize the 1,000x higher computing needs necessary for creating wholly and captivating gamified digital realities.

The native utility token $CUDOS is referred to as the driving force of the Cudos platform. It offers exquisite liquidity and annual yield for stakers and users. The utility token consists of operations and network governance, a medium of exchange (MoE), cloud workloads and a staking mechanism.

Currently, the network has gained ground in over one hundred and forty-five countries used by over two hundred and fifty thousand individuals. Cudos will serve as a decentralized computing layer that bridges on-chain and off-chain resources.

Additionally, it provides secure and Turing-complete layer two blockchains via the Cudos ecosystem. It also offers a respite and an economical alternative to the hyperscale cloud providers.


Both Cudos and MELD seek to provide a novel and better financial future for the world, most especially for people living in third-world countries. The partnership is arguably a match made in heaven as both platforms seek to leverage each other’s strength to make their vision a reality. Users who want to join the Cudos network or who would like to learn more about the ecosystem can visit their official website for prompt updates and more information.

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