Blockchain-based Horse Racing Game DarleyGo Set to Launch New Platform
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DarleyGO, a Solana-based horse racing platform, has announced the launch of its platform. Tagged the first horse racing game on the advanced blockchain network, this platform aims at combining this prestigious event with amazing gameplay.

In the last couple of years, we've witnessed a surge in interest in games with the launch of a variety of these platforms. While some tilt towards rewarding players for actively taking part in games, others offer an intriguing and imaginative gaming experience that keeps these players glued to their screens for hours. DarleyGo, as a nascent platform in the budding market, recognizes the need to properly compensate these gamers for participation while also offering them an exciting gaming experience.

Owing to the massive rise in market value and interest in the NFT market, players now stand a chance of buying, selling, earning and owning in-game assets. Besides integrating this unique feature into its horse racing game, DarleyGo will also try to deliver an equally exciting, interesting and satisfying gaming experience. On the platform, players can trade NFTs and other assets to other players, offering them an opportunity to earn as they play.

DarleyGo’s Game Modes

Aimed at revolutionizing the existing blockchain gaming market which is expected to rise exponentially in 2022, DarleyGo has introduced a plethora of features, ranging from racing modes to special abilities that can be earned.

The horse racing game centers, primarily, on three modes; Training Mode, Racing Mode and the Breeding Mode.

The Racing Mode

Per the aforementioned source, the Racing Mode delivers a competitive yet well-designed gaming arena where players get to compete with opponents in both Regular and Special racing events. Currently, this mode has 6 different levels players will have to start and complete—Griffin and Level 1-5.

At the Beginner level, Griffin will usher unraced horses into the world of competitive and rewarding racing events. As part of this blockchain-based platform’s plans to offer a truly interactive project, 3D streaming of racing events is being discussed, as stated in the press release.

The Training Mode

As the name implies, the Training Mode allows players to learn more about their racing horses. Each horse on the DarleyGo platform is riddled with unseen potential that can be harnessed to win races. To help these owners better grasp the capabilities of these horses, DarleyGo has integrated an array of races these horses can undertake to not only win but help their owners get acquainted with them.

The Breeding Mode

Just as breeders would need to familiarize themselves with their horses, the Breeding Mode of this gaming platform would require an in-depth knowledge of these animals. A ton of unparalleled features have been incorporated to further help breeders discover hidden potentials in their horses.

DarleyGo Special Abilities

Designed to aid owners to understand their horses better, DarleyGo has introduced special badges system—Ability Badges and Character Badges.

The Ability Badge focuses on the horse's general ability while the Character Badge centers around the character. With special attention on the horse’s mental condition, racetrack adoption, health status and other important aspects, the Character Badge will provide more information about these racing horses, in the process helping owners determine the suitability of a horse for any racing event.

Leveraging the Solana blockchain, DarleyGo hopes to benefit immensely from the low-cost, scalable, high-speed, efficient and competitive nature of the advanced network as it seeks to revolutionize the horse racing gaming industry.

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