Revuto Takes Aim At Growing Subscription Market As Native REVU Token Joins Multiple Exchanges
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European fintech startup Revuto has revealed that its native token REVU will be listed on and KuCoin for retail investors starting January 7, 2022. With this, the REVU token etches its name in history as the first Cardano-native asset to be listed simultaneously on two of the biggest centralized exchange venues.

Powered by the REVU token, Revuto is an end-to-end subscription management solution designed to grant digital assets the utility of fiat currency, all while merging with the permissionless features of cryptocurrency. Built on Cardano's scalable smart contract network, the Revuto dApp allows users to set up recurring payments for the membership-based services used consistently.

The platform is spearheading the efforts to harness the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to support real-world use cases. Since its launch, Revuto has experienced substantial community-based traction. In May 2021, the platform raised $10 million through its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) while receiving more than 3 million early sign-ups for the Revuto dApp. Following the launch of the dApp in August 2021, more than 300,000 new users have joined the platform, positioning it as the fastest-growing fintech startup of 2021.

Vedran Vukman, CEO and Co-founder of Revuto, believes that Revuto dApp will give users more control over their subscriptions and empower them to earn rewards in the process. He states:

"Powered by the REVU token, Revuto is an end-to-end subscription management solution that is designed to give your digital assets the utility of fiat currency merged with the permissionless features of cryptocurrency."

Merging the Best Features of Crypto and Fiat Currencies

Through the Revuto dApp, users can finally pay for real-world necessities using cryptocurrencies. Be it a Netflix or Spotify subscription, SaaS subscriptions, or recurring purchases, the Revuto dApp grants users the power to manage subscriptions and recurring expenses from a single dashboard.

Subscriptions are at the core of today’s economy. However, subscriptions are complicated. Users have to deal with undisclosed fees, free trial scams and other problems. Revuto ensures that customers never face these issues. Instead, the Revuto dApp aims to help users maximize the value of subscriptions they use the most and reduce unwanted expenses, thus making subscriptions simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Within the Revuto dApp, users can add all of their subscriptions and generate VDCs (Virtual Debit Cards) for each. Once complete, the dApp sends out real-time notifications for the subscriptions. Users can simply open the Revuto dApp and manage their subscriptions from the dashboard without accessing each subscription service individually. Users have the flexibility to approve, reject and snooze their subscriptions as and when needed. All payments to the service providers are processed using the REVU tokens.

The Revuto dApp also offers decentralized finance (DeFi) services for REVU token holders. Not only can users pay for their subscriptions using REVU and earn rewards in the process, but they can also use their tokens for staking, microlending and liquidity pools to earn additional yield.

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