LazyShiba Might Be The Project to Watch in 2022 as They Set Up a Million Dollar Global
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Marketing Plan

In June 2020, the decentralized finance (DEFI) market measure of total value locked (TVL) was about $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency. In May 2021, about a year later, it peaked at $86 billion. In 2022, the DEFI sector could be worth about $800 billion. This analysis goes a long way to show the high growth potentials of the industry. LazyShiba aims to be a significant player in the DeFi sector through its 2022 planned marketing investment of $1 million. This investment is in the right direction considering the enormous potential of DeFi in 2022.

The LazyShiba Marketing Plan

To attract investors to the platform, the LazyShiba team plans to invest a vast $1 million in marketing in 2022. This amount comes from investing 2% of every transaction on platform marketing. This marketing strategy aims to give back to the LazyShiba community. This marketing strategy entails setting up billboard Ads in multiple cities/countries; publishing articles on crypto-related news websites; partnering with influencers on social media and video streaming platforms.

What is LazyShiba?

LazyShiba is both a token and a community-based platform. As a real community platform, LazyShiba offers an automatic redistribution reward of 4% of the transaction to community members anytime a successful transaction is completed by users using the native community token $LazyShiba and holds other features like the burn and liquidity pool. LazyShiba is a BEP-20 reflection token that promotes widespread usage and project decentralization through automatic redistribution rewards linked to members’ transactions and tied to users’ decentralized wallets. In the long-term, LazyShiba plans to establish itself as an industry leader in the decentralized finance sector by giving people and businesses more power and control over their finances.

The LazyShiba Ecosystem

The LazyShiba ecosystem consists of the automatic reward, the burn, the liquidity pool and marketing.

  • Automatic Reward: The system automatically redistributes 4% of every successful transaction among the current token holders. This redistribution increases the confidence among community members, strengthens the blockchain and improves the welfare of token members.
  • The Burn: The LazyShiba team burns a certain percentage of the coin monthly to increase the price. There are 5 billion total released tokens, and the target is to keep burning till it reaches 2.5 billion in circulation. So far, 112 million has been burnt by the team.
  • Liquidity Pool: The coin is treated with limited slippage to ensure price stability. 4% of the coin will be sent to the liquidity wallet by the team with every transaction.
  • Marketing: The LazyShiba team plans million-dollar marketing in 2022 to attract investors to the platform.

The LAZYARMY Community

The LazyShiba is fully decentralized and backed by a community of enthusiasts called the LAZYARMY. The community operates on the principle of free, open and frank communication. This act enables all willing community members to participate actively in the growth process of LazyShiba. Members can participate in independent free efforts and community self-management activities. Community members are encouraged to commit to the project by rewarding them through monthly giveaways and contests.

Features Of LazyShiba


The team uses smart contracts to protect the LazyShiba ecosystem and users’ funds, eliminating possible human errors caused by manual interventions.


With smart contracts, transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain and secured with no third-party involvement.


With LazyShiba, users can complete their transactions in record time and do not need to relay personal information to the network’s server.


The cryptocurrency market does not operate at any low speed, mostly when high-volume tokens are involved. Delays in crypto transactions can be detrimental to an individual’s net profit. LazyShiba users enjoy split-second transactions.


LazyShiba is decentralized and not limited to any geographic areas. It is a native token. It acts as a universal utility token across all LazyShiba platforms and is not bound to any borders.


LazyShiba is a highly ambitious token. It has the lofty dream to attain the success rate of Shiba Inu in 2022. With the $1 million marketing investment plan of 2022, this task is achievable. Whether LazyShiba would achieve this lofty dream is for time to determine.

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