Top 4 Platforms on the Klaytn Blockchain
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Klaytn, the Korean blockchain created by technology company Kakao, has gone from being a regionally based blockchain to one of the world's emerging blockchains in just a few years. So much so that the B'Apps concept is picking up steam within the web3 industry faster than previously thought. Klaytn's projects are on par with Ethereum's projects.

The possibility also exists that the various standards, technologies and innovations will also catch fire, the way the Ethereum Virtual Machine and smart contracts caught fire after Ethereum's launch on 30th July 2015.

One thing is sure: the Klaytn blockchain is no pushover and is coming into its own within the web3 space.

Here are a few leading Klaytn blockchain-based projects to watch out for in 2022.

KlaySwap Generates Liquidity on The Klaytn Blockchain

KlaySwap is an automated on-chain swap protocol that allows for the real-time and immediate settlement of assets within the Klaytn ecosystem.

Working via the Orbit bridge on the Orbit blockchain, KlaySwap allows for exchanging assets between the Ethereum and Klaytn blockchains. Owners of KCT (Klaytn compatible tokens) can also generate yields based on transaction fees within the KlaySwap ecosystem. KlaySwap's liquidity works with automated market-making (AMM) models that ensure liquidity within its ecosystem.

With so much going under the hood, KlaySwap is one of those swap ecosystems that provides everything any decentralized finance (DeFi) participant would need to trade assets securely and efficiently.

Insureum Brings Decentralized Insurance to the World

Insureum is one of the few companies globally to bring decentralized blockchain-based insurance via innovative insurance policies. Its protocol connects all the parties required within insurance ecosystems (the policyholders, the insurers and third parties).

Insureum creates an insurance value chain that decentralizes ecosystems by outsourcing data collection to third parties for efficiency and optimization within a secure blockchain-based environment. Data remains anonymous as insurers speed up underwriting processes because of the gap filled by Insureum.

Ecosystems like Insureum are the future of the insurance industry. Because as they seek to innovate existing processes.

EverdreamSoft (EDS) is a Gaming and Digital Collectibles Pioneer

EverdreamSoft (EDS) has been pioneering gaming and digital collectibles within the web3 space. The great thing about the EverdreamSoft (EDS) ecosystem is the focus on cross-chain capabilities.

With the high level of geek speak and reliance on technical parlance within the web3 space, EverdreamSoft (EDS) makes things easy for gamers to own trade and transfer their digital assets without any need for knowledge of the underlying technical processes that underpin transactions.

Its Crystal Spark software tools suite, for instance, enables developers to connect their applications to multiple blockchains simultaneously. Developers don't need to go through the blockchain bridge creation route with Crystal Spark.

It also allows users to interact seamlessly with developer applications with no manual cross-chain linking. This approach allows for the creation of an easygoing end-user experience that changes the focus for the end-user from logic to emotion.

The emotional focus is critical for projects and products for developers as it gives them value. Users enjoy products and services, while developers focus on their projects. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

Angel League Has Changed the Angel Investment Space

Angel League is an ecosystem that allows for the trading of unlisted shares. Angel League does this by allowing for the issuing of NFTs as proof of investment on its platform, thus paving the way for angel investors to derive value from day one.

This approach creates a new paradigm in angel investing. There is no longer any need for certification and verification processes required in regular angel investment clubs. By allowing the creation of NFTs, investments get tied in and generate confidence in unlisted ventures.

By enabling investments in the pre-IPO stage, Angel League has created a new paradigm where liquidity generation events within the web3 space are now NFT-based.

What Does the Future Hold for the Klaytn Blockchain?

South Korea is one of the leading nations that has embraced web3 technologies. Next year, the Klaytn blockchain will receive the global attention it deserves. Klaytn will take its place within the global web3 space to become a global force to reckon with as humanity looks to the web3 industry for solutions to problems.

That's the beauty of the web3 space. Together, everyone achieves miracles!

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