Royal Rabbits Club is Bringing Prosperous Opportunities to its Holders Come 2022
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The year 2021 and other previous years have been limitless times of great opportunities for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology enthusiasts. Many blockchain-based projects seek to make the industry more profitable for enthusiasts. Royal Rabbits Club is building a community of people who believe in the future of crypto assets. The project is designed to bring lifetime rewards for members of its community.

What is the Royal Rabbits Club?

Royal Rabbits Club is an Ethereum-based collection platform of 7,777 exclusive and exceptional NFTs that will grant you access to a unique Web 3.0 Community, including a play to earn game in the Sandbox Metaverse, Royalties, and co ownership of the Metaverse land.

According to the team, the aim of building this community is to make an indelible mark on the digital crypto-verse. The team believes that there can be a prosperous community of people with a secure belief in blockchain and cryptocurrencies' potentials as disruptive tools.

Furthermore, members of the Royal Rabbits Club will have private access to rewards for users and special guests, networking events and tons of exclusive information.

On Becoming a Member

Royal Rabbits Club makes up different groups, so, to become a Carrot, either a VIP Carrot or Carrot whitelist, there are a few criteria that users would have to fulfill.

Carrot Whitelist – 25% Royalties

Belonging to the Carrot whitelist implies that you will be among the three thousand hand-picked people who will receive a share of twenty-five percent of all future sales of the Royal Rabbits Club. And for the remaining members of the club, they will have access to a five percent share of the royalties for the remaining days of their existence.

VIP Carrots – 50% Royalties

To get on this unique and special whitelist of six hundred and fifty specially hand-selected people, who will be rewarded a share of fifty percent of all future sales of the Royal Rabbits Club, prospective members will have to sign up on their Discord server and fulfill all requirements.

Royal Rabbits Club will give back a hundred percent to its community, part of which eighty percent will be paid to Royal Rabbit NFT users, and they will send twenty percent to liquidity pools for the Play-to-Earn game.

Also, there will be regular giveaways of cryptocurrencies as already outlined in the project roadmap.

Royal Rabbit Roadmap

Among the company's roadmap is the launch of the Royal Rabbits Club game, which will be launched on January 22, 2022. The game promises to be an exciting and rewarding one, according to the founding team.

As part of the in-game rewards, prospective players will earn Carrot Coin once they can play up to a certain level in numerous game stages.

The users will not only be able to connect to the game on the Metaverse, but they will also have access to the 3D Rabbit characters for more improved gameplay.

Presently, Royal Rabbits Club is landowners in The Sandbox, and anyone who owns this NFT will be a co-owner of the land and also a member of the prominent club.

Benefits of Owning a Royal Rabbit

Royal Rabbit constitutes an illimitable community that sets no limit to their success levels. Being a Royal Rabbit implies that you share the vision of the future and the profits too.

By being a holder of the Royal Rabbit NFTs, you are entitled to so many opportunities. Some of which are as follows:

  • Virtual art gallery
  • Share of royalties
  • Access to unlimited network possibilities
  • Play-to-earn Royal Rabbit club game
  • Expert knowledge
  • Co-owner of land in the Metaverse


Every Rabbit NFT is rare, unique and based on hundreds of well-crafted components that make up the ideal Rabbit family.

In a bid to reach out to society, thereby making the world a better place, Royal Rabbits Club is reaching out to all to join their growing community of people that believe in the enormous potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

For more information about the Royal Rabbits Club, visit their official webpage.

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