The Humanoids Seeks to Revolutionize the NFT Market with its 3D Arts and 4K Renders
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Since the advent of blockchain technology, there have been many opportunities from DeFi to DAOs, and now we have NFTs. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been lauded as the digital answer to collectibles. Most NFTs operate on the Ethereum blockchain network. It guarantees 100% ownership of an original piece when acquired. As a unique token on the blockchain system, an NFT can really be anything digital. For example, a painting of Monalisa can be printed or downloaded from multiple websites, but there can only be one original painting of Monalisa.

NFT solves the problem of originality in the digital space. However, non-fungible tokens come with their uniqueness or exclusivity. This distinguishes each from the previous and the next project. Humanoids is a blockchain-based project that runs on the ethereum blockchain network. Its blockchain features are used for the sale of collectibles. With its unprecedented 3D Art and 4k Renders features, the Humanoids is on a fast lane to taking the top spot in the NFT industry while revolutionalizing the NFT market in the process.

Humanoids Explained

The Humanoids is the first PFP-based project to introduce and adopt both the 3D Art and 4k Renders. It is a collection of 10,000 unique and rare NFTs. This project has 4K images, and every little detail can be seen such as the sharpness, light refraction, and even the fabric fibers can be seen in these images and many people love them. These features enable humanoids to increase the scalability of their NFTs within the blockchain industry. Rendered in 4k, it ensures that important details of art collectibles are unquestionably visible.

As a relatively new project, The Humanoids has done amazing volume and is currently among the top 100 of all time. The project sold out within 3 minutes because people were so bullish on it, and they were never disappointed. They are already working on new additions in the Q1 of 2022 and people are already excited about it.

Each NFT features a 3D digital artwork created from around 150 traits in the collection. Like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats or the Mutant Apes, which are top NFT collectibles, humanoids also come with varying rarities. According to NFT Stats, the NFT project has also witnessed some impressive sales. Humanoid #3565 was recently sold for around $75,000. Humanoid #1884 was sold for nearly $72,400. While Humanoid #3160 fetched $67,400, Humanoid #6181 was sold for over $61,000.

Many Celebrities Are Identifying with Humanoids

Given its rare collectibles, a good number of celebrities have joined the Humanoids community. These celebrities are not just identifying with Humanoids and buying them, they are also coming into the community and engaging with their fans. This is undoubtedly a massive achievement for the project. According to the team, these celebs love their community and they often commend them on how strong and amazing their holders are. Some of the celebrities that have joined the Humanoid community include Mike Shinoda, Steve Banks, Timmy Trumpet and Flosstradamus.

Humanoids Roadmap and Benefits

The Humanoids Companions is expected to go live by the first quarter of 2022. Staking is scheduled to begin in the Q4 of 2021. Although the tokens hold no monetary value, stakers will earn a stipulated amount of tokens per Humanoid staked. These tokens earned can be used to upgrade the attributes of the holder's companion, get access to future whitelist spots and free mint passes. 10% of the token token supply is already burned and more is burnt from reflections.

Humanoid Posters will be periodically given as rewards to Humanoid community members who stand out. There will also be community awards for both holders and non-holders. The aim is to use it to bring the community closer. Dev competition will be held for community members to exhibit their skills and create valuable projects and products for the Humanoid universe. The Merchstore will go live in Q1 2022. There will be Humanoid social media filters and the images' quality will be updated on OpenSea, and Humanoid images will be moved to IPFS.

Aside from the charity donation, the Humanoid project has great things to offer its holders such as:

Community Inclusion

The team always reaches out to the community to incorporate them in projects before outsourcing to third parties. A good example is the Merch, where they have promised to give the contract to the community if they are qualified and have the needed resources.

Resource Sharing

There are lots of successful and skilled people within the community. They can always reach out to one another and share each other’s resources and also collaborate on personal ventures.

Holder Connections

Some members have gone to sporting events for free, and some will be going to an NFL game via a community member who gives out these passes.


Irrespective of the high rate of NFT projects released, the Humanoids stands out with its unprecedented features. The celebrity attention and its rare collection of arts have distinguished it among others. If the 3D and 4k features are effectively utilized for their purpose, the Humanoids will undoubtedly hit the top shot in the NFT industry. Interested holders can purchase their Humanoid NFTs from OpenSea.

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