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Dec. 8, 2021
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The auction of the OKBOOMER Champions Collection NFT is ongoing on OpenSea, one of the largest marketplaces boasting billions in monthly trading volumes.

OKBoomer Enters the NFT Ring

In August 2021, OKBoomer officially entered the high octane NFT world.

They later confirmed their move by partnering with pro-athletes drawn from various fields, including fishing, wrestling and even horse races.

Some sporting personalities who are now part of the OKBoomer fold include Peter Miller, Chandler Catanzaro, wrestler Stephanie Finochio also known as Trinity and Bradley Sowell. Moreover, the platform has partnered with the caretakers of Huntsville—a champion racehorse.

NFTs, unlike fungible tokens, allow for the minting of unique assets which are traceable on the transparent public ledger.

OKBoomer's generation of digital representation of celebrities opens up even more opportunities for commerce, a win-win for the holder, the offering platform and the partnering star.

OKBoomer has set its sights on the multi-billion sporting industry and is striking deals with popular personalities spearheading a new era of fan engagement.

Moreover, by deploying on the scalable, low-fee Binance Smart Chain (BSC), OKBoomer reduces the cost of interaction, minting fee and subsequently boosts user experience.

Partnerships with Pro-Athletes: How Winning Bidders Will benefit

OKBoomer's celebrity partners will each have a reward plan. As such, fans will receive different benefits should they win the auction of their choice pro-athlete. Details from the ongoing NFT auction on OpenSea show that there are seven different artworks available. Winning bids for Bradley Sowell, Trinity and Chandler Catanzaro NFTs will have a thirty-minute video meeting.

On the other hand, investors who submit a bid and win the Peter Miller NFT, spending more than $30k, will win an eight-hour fishing trip with Peter Miller, the host of Unchartered Waters, off the coast of Florida, the fishing capital of the world. However, there will be more perks if an investor wins the bid by spending over $100k. OKBoomer has revealed that investors who spend over $100k will receive Peter Miller's NFT and also appear, in person, on his show lasting at least 15 minutes at a set date in 2022.

An extract reads:

"If winning bid price is greater than or equal to $100,000, the winning bidder also wins (in addition to the NFT) a once-in-a-lifetime minimum eight-hour fishing trip with Peter Miller and a group of the winning bidder's friends and family (max four people) out of Coral Gables, FL, as well as an appearance on Uncharted Waters which will last at least 15 minutes of televised time."

Will OKBOOMER Do a 1,000X?

The OKBoomer Champions Collection NFT auction on OpenSea is intertwined with some of the platform's other core features.

OKBoomer has revealed that proceeds from the NFT auction and their podcast's sponsorship deals will be channeled back to boost OKBOOMER's liquidity.

Presently, the token is listed on PancakeSwap—the BSC's largest DEX—where it is paired with BNB—the third most valuable digital asset in the world.

Even so, OKBoomer is presently building Boomerswap. This exchange will ease the purchasing of OKBOOMER tokens and facilitate quick swapping with listed tokens and fiat.

Additionally, the platform may launch its NFT platform, where OKBOOMER tokens will be integral to its operations. This will be on top of increasing their partnership count with pro-athletes and building a museum on the metaverse where they will showcase OKBoomer NFTs.

Considering the grand plans that OKBoomer has, observers note that the OKBOOMER token is, at spot rates, undervalued as a low-cap token.

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