Eutaria—the Play-2-Earn Platform with a Unique Reward Structure
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Eutaria, a play-2-earn (P2E) platform, according to a recent press release, has introduced rewards for token holders. Designed to offer gamers an intriguing and brain-puzzling gaming experience, Eutaria, in an unprecedented fashion, has integrated a reward system for players. In addition to that, a sustainable and unique reward structure has been implemented.

Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the leading blockchain networks in the crypto space, Eutaria is an off-chain P2E gaming platform. Aimed solely at presenting players with a sustainable and inherently rewarding ecosystem, this P2E-based platform has incorporated a reward structure at zero cost to the players.

The Eutaria Reward Structure—Solution to the Existing P2E Recompense Problem

As part of its reward structure, per the aforementioned press release, Eutaria has launched its native token, Eutaria Token (EUT), and an in-game currency, Pleasure Potion (PP). With a total supply of 21 million—similar to Bitcoin’s maximum supply, EUT will propel rewards for gamers—all they would need to do is hold a certain amount of these tokens to unlock P2E features. Depending on the specific features to be unlocked and the value of the tokens at the time, the base amount of EUT to hold will vary.

The in-game token, PP, on the other hand, will act as a reward for players. That's not all, the prior mentioned source reveals that players will use this currency to buy other necessary in-game assets either at the Eutaria marketplace or the in-game shop. Like EUT, there's a 10% tax for buying PP.

According to the development team, PP is pegged at the US dollar—1 PP is equivalent to $1.

With the P2E industry growing exponentially, owing to the influx of platforms, a stable and sustainable reward system has, surprisingly, become a lacking component of the emerging industry. Most of the rewards are too small for community members and when juxtaposed with gas fees, players are at a loss. Addressing this sticking point, the Eutaria team has implemented a sustainable and long-lasting reward system.

First, Eutaria offers an off-chain transaction feature, ensuring that players do not have to worry about gas fees. Gamers earn PP when they complete a series of in-game battles in different realms. Furthermore, an airdrop system has been integrated two days a month to enable players to convert winnings to BNB at zero cost, the development team reveals.

More Rewards Through the Eutaria Scholarship System

As part of its plans to onboard thousands of people, Eutaria incorporates a scholarship system where managers can assign a Eutarian to a scholar. These scholars do not need to hold or even own EUT, but managers are expected to hold substantial amounts to unlock the scholarship feature. Assigning a scholar attracts a fee of 1 PP and the rewards to be earned will be automatically distributed to both the manager and scholar, depending solely on the percentage set by the former.

The aim of this scheme, per the project website, is to help EUT owners manage Eutarians through the help of scholars. Surprisingly, there is no limit to the number of scholars a manager can add, however, holding enough Eutaria Token is a prerequisite.

Tagged a brain exercise, the Eutaria game otherwise called "Eutarising" involves matching a Eutarian to another while providing answers to 7 questions with an attached partner. Players reserve the right to change partners thrice daily, however, a fourth change will attract a fee of 1 PP.

Finally, Eutaria wants to create a P2E gaming platform that not only offers a satisfying gaming experience but rewards users appropriately for holding EUT and completing in-game battles.

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