Jelurida to Collaborate With Accenture On EU’s “Senator” Project to Manage Urban Planning Policies
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As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the scope of transforming traditional business models has also increased manifold.

Several next-gen blockchain projects like Jelurida are continuously working to blur the lines between on-chain and off-chain apps to facilitate blockchain’s use in supporting real-world use cases. Switzerland-based blockchain development firm Jelurida offers a unique parent-child chain architecture through its Ardor, Ignis, and NXT blockchains.

Jelurida has already showcased the potential of its blockchain infrastructure and pure proof-of-stake (PPos) environmentally-friendly consensus mechanism by working with the Austrian Ministry to facilitate several gamification projects like HotCity and Cycle4Value. These projects leverage Jelurida’s infrastructure for the greater good of both humans and the environment.

To further merge blockchain with real-world applications, Jelurida will soon collaborate with Accenture, one of the biggest brands in the technology sector. Per the unanimous decision of the board of members from the recently concluded fourth edition of the El Confidencial event, Jelurida and Accenture won the public tender from Correos. Together, they will work hand-in-hand to develop the EU’s blockchain-based project titled “Senator.” This fully-funded project by the EU aims to build governance schemes on user demand planning, transport planning, freight and logistics planning, and city infrastructures. In other words, to optimally manage urban planning policies.

Jelurida’s Ardor blockchain is an open-source multichain platform specifically designed to overcome the problems of legacy blockchains while ensuring high-level scalability. Ardor is equipped to offer business-ready functionality alongside fully customizable features through its parent-child architecture. Furthermore, Ardor relies on a 100% pure proof-of-stake (PPos) consensus mechanism, which is energy-efficient compared to blockchains that use the PoW or PoM mechanisms. Due to its many benefits, including security, scalability, interoperability, cost-efficiency, and environmentally-friendly consensus, Ardor aligns directly with the EU’s and Correos’ core vision.

Strategic Blockchain Collaborations for the Greater Good

Jelurida’s suite of products is designed to help traditional industries leverage the advantages of blockchain technology. Using Ardor, Ignis, or NXT chains, any business can digitize its internal processes for transparency, security, and efficiency. Additionally, public and government authorities, both on a local and national level, can also use Jelurida’s services to integrate blockchain technology into various traditional sectors, including but not limited to payments, digital identity management, real estate, supply chain management, infrastructure development, and much more.

As such, the EU's decision to choose Jelurida shouldn’t come as a surprise. Together with heavyweight Accenture, Jelurida will initially collaborate to develop the required infrastructure for two specific use cases. The collaboration will further expand to help the EU develop and implement several more citizen-centric projects following completion.

For the Senator project, Accenture and Jelurida will first build a solution for supply chain traceability to ensure that last-mile freight exchange is aligned with the European Security Framework for Postal Supply Chains. Transport operators and other key players will also be able to securely exchange information regarding security and optimize item flows, leveraging Jelurida’s blockchain technology.

Other than this, the Accenture-Jelurida duo will also collaborate to develop a solution for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Since IoT is driving the shift towards more traceable goods management, from manufacturing to delivery to the end-user, a lot of data is generated in the process. The EU wants Accenture ad Jelurida to develop a solution that seamlessly integrates data generated by an IoT device within the Ardor network. Once done, members of the Senator project and its participants can use the recorded data for their decision-making process.

Jelurida and Accenture’s collaboration for the EU sets the ball rolling for other nations to look into the potential of blockchain technology beyond crypto assets. A strategic tie-up between two unique entities from two different ecosystems, each with extensive experience in their respective niches, will help support multiple real-world use cases to benefit governments, organizations, and every citizen.

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