Dual Chain AXL DEX is Going Ahead with its $AXL Pre-sale. Offers 10,000 AXL Inu NFTs
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AXL is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers the speed, security and low swap costs, thanks to its dual chain model (Ethereum and BSC). The DEX is prepping for its native $AXL token pre-sale in two phases.

The first phase will be a public sale, open to all qualified Gate.io users. The second will be a private sale, done through BSCPad and ETHPad simultaneously. The pre-sales provide participants a chance to grab the $AXL tokens at an economical price than the market.

Dual Chain, Multiple Benefits

AXL platform has been intentionally designed as a cross chain DEX that solves a few of the most burning issues faced by DEX users today. DEX users are limited to a specific blockchain and miss out on opportunities of acquiring profitable trades when the token they seek out is not available on their host chain. Using smartchain routing, the decentralized exchange is able to operate on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, breaking down the chain silos and making it simple for traders to swap their assets for the ones they require, even if the held and the desired are on the different blockchain ecosystems.

Without the need to switch from one network to another, this drastically reduced the costs involved in the process and significantly drop the total swap fees.

The $AXL will be the native utility token of the platform, allowing users to pay for their swaps and much more. Since the DEX allows swaps on both Ethereum and BSC, the $AXL token will also be available on both chains and users can decide which ecosystem token versions would they prefer.

The AXL DEX further reduces the costs of swap by acting as an aggregator, where it will seek out different DEXs for users’ desired swap to get the best rates possible.

DeFi Services

More than just a simple decentralized exchange, AXL offers a host of different DeFi services that enable users to generate idle profits:

  • Liquidity Rewards: Market makers in the AXL platform will be rewarded with $AXL tokens for their efforts to provide liquidity to the markets.
  • Farming: Participating in fixed-term liquidity pools, participants gain profits through having a share of the yield, transaction fee and even interest that is generated through lending and borrowing.
  • Staking: $AXL token holders will be able to stake the native asset in four pools, available on both BSC and Ethereum. Users will also have the option to stake AXL UniSwap LP and PancakeSwap LP tokens to receive $AXL.
  • Launchpad: AXL will provide a safe and secure place for upcoming platforms to have their IDO on its launchpad. This will give the projects an established user base and at the same time, provide ready swaps and access to the $AXL tokens.

Fungible and Non Fungible

While the $AXL is the native token that powers the AXL DEX ecosystem, the platform is also making 10,000 unique collectible NFT characters available to its users to purchase. The collection includes some of the most sought after NFTS, including 80 different Zombie NFTs and 20 ELONs.

Minted in a limited quantity, only 100 Billion $AXL will ever be in circulation. The pre-sale will see 25% of the tokens up for an economic price of 0.00075 USD per $AXL. The pre-sale will accept only BNB and ETH and participants can use their MetaMask wallets to send their assets to the AXL smart contract and receive their $AXL tokens at the end of the sale. Users will also need to define which network they would like their $AXL tokens (BSC or Ethereum).

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