Rise of the Machines: AfroDroids NFTs Take Over the World, NFTs Sale a Complete Success
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Dec. 2, 2021
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AfroDroids is an NFT project that brings the fun of owning NFTs in a futuristic landscape to the masses. More than 12,000 NFTs that were created have been minted, showing a resounding success of the project.

Scorched Earth

It is the year 3045 and humanity is all but extinct. It all started with man’s hunger for power and to rule. Humanity fought against itself, different factions and nations constantly at war over resources. The fighting led to each side producing ever more dangerous weapons that were more devastating than the last.

During this time, research in robotics also peaked, with the creation of humanoid androids in which people were able to transfer their consciousness. As factions fought with more dangerous weapons, they ended up destroying the world, and nearly a century from now, they have managed to wipe themselves off the face of the planet.

Now human consciousness enabled robots, known as AfroDroids, to roam the empty lands in a post-apocalyptic world. Seeking out the purpose of their existence, they are conflicted. They search for the answer to the most burning question on their minds: are they humans or robots?

From Androids to Artists

AfroDroids came about as an NFT project to support the vibrant African heritage and art. Pawpaw, one of the most famous Nigerian artists, minted his popular memes as NFTs in the hopes of entering the crypto arena. Unfortunately, his efforts failed. While this shocked many, it revealed a crucial shortcoming of the African NFT landscape. Most artists lack a proper place where they can effectively market their creations. AfroDroids is the answer to this.

The result was a careful planning of connecting with the public and NFT enthusiasts, leading to a solid following that saw all of the AfroDroid NFTs sold within 11 minutes of launching. AfroDroids now brings expertise to the African art space. AfroDroid believes that there is space for all artists and they only lack the proper place where they can connect with their audience.

AfroDroid offers African artists the perfect place to not only connect with their fans, but also the right tools, manpower and technical support needed to make their NFT projects a success.

Behind this is the famous Nigerian-based Afrofuturism artist Owo Anietie and his partner, Esther Eze. A traditional painter and a sketch artist, Owo Anietie who quickly realized and adopted modern technology shifted to digital illustrations and animation, merging techno future art and African culture. Each AfroDroid reflects this, as androids from the future who are decorated with African cultural significant items, such as beads and other wearables.

1CAC Production Studio

To help artists who are not aware of NFTs or how to promote their art in the crypto sphere, AfroDroids has created the 1CAC Production Studio that will help in the promotion of their creations. The purpose is to create a marketplace for rare African art and artifacts. Apart from the technical and market access, 1CAC will work towards a proper valuation system so that the artists can also get their efforts’ worth realized.

Under Esther Eze, 1CAC has already started developing its database of artists of all kinds to support them. The artists will be interacted through different methods, including social media activities and real-world support to ensure they can get their art displayed to the right audience.

Future plans include public access to fractionalized ownership of 1CAC to further promote and support African artists and a 3D and VR metaverse for the AfroDroids.

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