IQeon Presents Future of Digital Economy in Gaming
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A report on Forbes revealed that the 2021 global games market is on course to generate an estimated $175.8 billion in revenue. The revenue is also projected to be more than $200 billion within the next two years. The interesting thing is that more than 50% of these revenues come from mobile gaming alone, which is the largest segment of the gaming industry. With such revenue generated by these games, one would think players are also getting a fair share, but that’s not the case.

With the advent of blockchain technology, many online gaming platforms have also been designed to put money in the pocket of gamers. These play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming platforms are undoubtedly the future of the digital economy in gaming. One of the gaming platforms currently setting the pace in the play-to-earn gaming industry is the IQeon player-vs-player (PvP) platform.

Overview of IQeon PvP Platform

IQeon is a blockchain-backed play-to-earn PvP gaming platform where gamers earn real money for their in-game success. According to the available gaming industry data, only a paltry 3% of gamers can monetize their in-game achievements. However, only 50% of these gamers succeed in actually monetizing their in-game successes via specialized services and auctions, peer-to-peer exchanges and thematic forums. The remaining 50% fail as a result of platform restrictions or fraudulent activities, thereby causing these gamers to lose their virtual achievements.

With IQeon, gamers won’t have to worry about any platform restrictions or fraud. They can start earning IQN tokens for their in-game winnings. The platform also guarantees gamers that their virtual assets are securely protected for life. Gamers can use these assets in different games and can also exchange them via external digital asset exchanges. With the innovative approach of IQeon to online gaming, there has been higher gamer satisfaction with solid community backing the play-to-earn gaming market.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain network with a wide range of games in different genres such as runners, shooters, arcades, strategies, casual and so much more. Gamers can also play the game in different modes like a single-user trainee, free multiplayer competitions or matches for the IQN token. The gamer with the best result in any match is presented with an award. IQeon is currently in the open beta testing stage.

The Gameplay

The IQeon PvP gaming platform also provides users with a mechanism for hosting e-sports tournaments. Organizing a classic tournament in e-sport requires considerable resources, but IQeon makes it available for any user on the platform. Also, any player can create a new tournament by following the laid down rules of the platform. For more details, you can click and read the whitepaper regarding how to conduct a tournament.

How to Earn IQN Token From the Platform

The IQN token is the utility token of the ecosystem, and gamers can earn it by:

  • Winning a game in a game room for IQeon.
  • Completing a task on the platform.


Conventional gaming is already being transformed by blockchain technology, and IQeon is undoubtedly setting the pace here. The platform’s innovative approach to online gaming is gathering traction and increasing gamer confidence.

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