The Unicorn Investment is Here: How Coinchange is Accelerating Growth in Decentralized Finance Through its Crypto & DeFi Investments
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The 2020 DeFi boom changed the minds of many who were skeptical of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. The surge in popularity and technology made it clear that DeFi is well-positioned to be the future of finance.

And that future is more exciting every day, as the DeFi industry is constantly expanding with new and innovative projects.

One of the reasons for DeFi's current growth is the popularity of decentralization, which is a key feature of the cryptocurrency industry. Decentralized systems allow users to access financial services without the involvement of a central authority or an intermediary. Decentralized systems will continue to gradually replace the centralized system of traditional finance, allowing users to use core financial services such as lending, borrowing, and so much more without a third party.

However, for the DeFi industry to grow rapidly, more innovative DeFi solutions with low entry points and thresholds are required, in order to make it easier for new and experienced crypto investors to navigate the DeFi world.

Accelerating Growth in Decentralized Finance

According to CoinGecko, the DeFi industry has a total market cap of $172 billion. This figure continues to grow with the help of Decentralized Apps and smart contracts, which have opened up the world to new possibilities. Financial services can be enjoyed by anyone, globally, without the regulation and censorship of traditional financial systems. Decentralized finance makes it impossible for intermediaries or third parties to control blockchain-based financial services. Without using an intermediary, anyone can borrow, lend, trade and conduct financial transactions.

Despite the incredible opportunities that DeFi provides, it is essential to note that it has a high entry point for new users who want to navigate the DeFi ecosystem. For Decentralized Finance to grow rapidly, the ecosystem's user experience must improve, making it easier to access investment opportunities and trade seamlessly.

Coinchange has set out to make the DeFi Ecosystem more accessible to both new and experienced users by simplifying the user experience and allowing users to earn yield, trade, exchange funds and conduct financial transactions seamlessly.

The Coinchange Platform

Coinchange is a “user-centric” finance platform that, through its simple user interface, makes it easier for investors to access low risk, high yield passive income opportunities in DeFi. This is achieved through its flagship product, the Coinchange High Yield Account. The High Yield Account employs dynamic strategies to forecast the performance of various DeFi protocols in order to utilize the one with the lowest risk and highest yield. As a result, a user can earn up to 25% APY on the Coinchange's stablecoin investment, which is significantly higher than what a traditional finance investment would yield.

Users can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform with ease, thanks to its integrated brokerage. The trading information on the Coinchange platform is updated in real-time and available at the best possible price. By allowing cash withdrawals and deposits, Coinchange makes it even easier for new users to navigate the platform.

Coinchange is the "Unicorn" of low risk and high yield opportunities, offering one of the highest stablecoin yields in DeFi while posing little or no market risk. As well, Coinchange has recently launched their mobile app in the Google Play and Apple Store, so users can sign up and manage their earnings from their phone.

Coinchange's simple trading tools and investment options make it easier for new users to join and earn on the DeFi ecosystem. They have also implemented several advanced security procedures to protect both the platform and its users’ funds. It is also important to note their partnerships with reputable security platforms such as Fireblocks and Coincover to insure users' deposits and ensure that users can access their money in the unlikely event that a breach occurs.


As the DeFi industry expands, there is a greater need than ever for low-entry DeFi solutions with low risk and high returns for both new and experienced investors to benefit from DeFi investment opportunities. Coinchange appears to have positioned itself as a low barrier-to-entry DeFi solution, with low risk and high yield opportunities, thereby accelerating the growth of the DeFi industry.

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