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The advent of blockchain — the immutable and permanent distributed ledger — has opened up a ton of possibilities for developers seeking to disrupt the existing status quo. Storing information in a permanent, safe, decentralized and immutable manner, blockchain is capable of revolutionizing the payment industry, whose growth has been stalled by a plethora of problems. One of such projects at the core of this innovation is Crypto Classic, a Binance Smart Chain [BSC] platform that has been designed to usher in the most secure and powerful payment method in the blockchain space.

Aimed at eliminating the need for central banks, Crypto Classic, per the development team, will guarantee faster, low-cost and seamless transfer of assets and relevant data. Offering crypto enthusiasts an opportunity to embrace this moonshot capable of reforming the payment industry as we know it today, Crypto Classics is one of the few projects with a high ROI. Like every other nascent project in the crypto space, this security-focused protocol is an alluring investment opportunity for institutional investors seeking to put their money on a nascent project with great prospects.

Crypto Classics Lists on 5 Exchanges in November, More to Come

Per a recent news report, Crypto Classics has been listed on 5 exchanges — Hotbit, Cointiger, XT.Com, P2PB2B and Azbit — in less than a month. This is coming a few weeks after its successful October presale. Currently listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, two of the leading crypto analytics websites, the development team, per the aforementioned report, is working to have CRC, the platform’s native coin, listed on two more exchanges before the end of the year.

While championing decentralization, confidentiality, anonymity and freedom — the core features devoid of the traditional financial and payment markets — Crypto Classic aims to unify leading BSC protocols and blockchain structures by homogenizing communication between these aspects in an attempt to create, as well as, execute complicated financial transactions. Besides offering investors a potentially rewarding investment opportunity, Crypto Classic will usher in a new era where all of the existing centralized bottlenecks are immediately dispelled, promising faster, seamless, efficient and not surprisingly, cheaper payment settlements, regardless of location.

Furthermore, investors are not only rewarded, but they also become stakeholders of the platform. According to the team, they can also make decisions on the technology as members of the Crypto Classic community. With more exchange listings bound to be announced before the end of 2021, Crypto Classic is cementing its stance as a leading financial payment platform leveraging the immense potential of blockchain technology.

When the technical operations are completed and trading has begun in earnest on the network, a ton of stock market trades will be executed.

CRC — A Potentially Rewarding Coin

With a maximum supply of 100 million CRC coins, as revealed by the development team, this secure and anonymous-focused payment platform is seeking to offer investors a sustainable investment plan. With 85% of the aforementioned coin supply expected to be released into circulation, this token could experience an exponential rise from its current price of $0.4 to exceed the $10 mark.

Besides possessing the potential to garner gargantuan returns on investments, CRC will act as a future proof middleware that will seamlessly enable enterprise systems to interact with smart contracts on any public or private blockchain, thereby offering users an opportunity to execute transfers and transactions in a convenient, secure, confidential and immutable ecosystem. Built with advanced technology, Crypto Classic is positioning itself as a platform capable of not only disrupting payment systems but one capable of heralding an era of low cost and faster transactions.

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