A Decentralized Internet Powered by You - How MASQ Will Achieve It
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Censorship and other restrictions that limit access to content in specific regions are but a few of the major sticking points for centralized Internet service providers (ISPs) in the 21st Century. Not only is centralization built into the foundation of their technologies, their business models are dependent upon that centralization. And yet it is this feature of centralization that has made users look elsewhere for solutions to the inherent vulnerability of systems where a single hack, leak or accidental breach can risk the private data and information of millions of people in a mere instant.

Blockchain, the technology upon which Bitcoin, Ethereum and countless other cryptocurrencies are built, is replete with industry disrupting features that are capable of solving the pain points of the Internet that traditional ISPs cannot. Most recently, MASQ has launched a platform that seeks to leverage the power of the immutable and permanent blockchain ledger to create a decentralized Internet powered by users.

The development team at MASQ reveals that they have merged the benefits of Tor technology with virtual private networks (VPNs) to create next-generation software and a platform for using the Internet where users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for supporting a global, decentralized and uncensored web.

Access to Global Content: The MASQ Objective

As a pioneer of a genuinely free Internet, MASQ’s objective is to enable access to information and content for everyone, regardless of their location. This privacy-focused platform is a powerful tool in the fight against censorship and regional restrictions for it ensures that users enjoy enhanced privacy and trace-resistant technology which mitigates the ability of malicious individuals or third-party applications to affect the network. More than a VPN service platform, it is a privacy-based project that has integrated multiple cutting-edge technologies to create a solid foundation for the growth of the decentralized web, the most important advancement to date in online freedom and security.

As a decentralized mesh network (dMN), MASQ utilizes the power of a mesh network to connect individual users directly and non-hierarchically to other computers. Once connected, data is routed seamlessly and dynamically through the network in such a way that the origin of the information is extremely hard to determine by any observers or malicious third-party actors. Without the need for an ID document or an associated credit/debit card to pay for the service, users work together to anonymously share data routes when connected to the MASQ network.

This is different from the way traditional VPN service platforms work - most VPNs are still bound by the centralized routing of data and require users to submit personal and financial information that could get into the wrong hands. By eliminating these vulnerabilities, MASQ is building an enhanced-privacy ecosystem where individuals from across the globe can connect with significantly diminished risk of exposing personal information.

MASQ also offers users an opportunity to earn crypto rewards as they share data. With its "Earn Cryptocurrency" model, individuals can seamlessly run MASQ to access the network as well as share their bandwidth to earn crypto rewards that are sent directly to their Ethereum wallet.

Developers are not left out either, for according to MASQ’s official website, they can route app requests through the MASQ platform, leveraging it to protect user information and app traffic.

Staking MASQ Tokens

To facilitate payments for data usage and rewards for sharing capacity, the platform uses its own utility token, the MASQ Token . Users earn MASQ Tokens when they choose to share their bandwidth with the network, as well as pay for access to the mesh network’s services. Although the MASQ network is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the developers have also integrated Polygon into its infrastructure. Keen to maximize every users’ experience, MASQ uses Polygon’s advanced scaling features for faster throughput, lower transaction costs and more efficient service.

Designed by a world-class team of top developers with a core vision, the privacy-focused platform has also deployed a LP (liquidity pools) reward program where MASQ Token holders can stake and earn further rewards. And in pursuit of their mission of creating a transparent, user-oriented Internet, a Beta version of their GEMINI software will soon be released for anyone to test or further develop. New projects and collaborations with brands and individuals are underway, and given the significance of their accomplishments to date, there is much more that we can expect from the developers at MASQ.

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