How SuperBid is Changing Social Media Forever
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Over the past couple of decades, social media has gone through an explosive transformation in our society, starting at being just an interesting way to spend time and connect with friends, to becoming a whole lifestyle of its own. Its impact on our lives is undeniable, as its purposes have expanded monumentally. Not only is it used for entertainment reasons, as we all remember from its introduction, but it has also become a tool for more serious topics like following news and activism.

Social media is also known for being the microphone of celebrities and, in recent days, even politicians. Wanted to know what your favorite celebrity is up to these days? We’ll take the bet that you didn’t figure that out from reading a whole news article. Hopping on a celeb’s page and getting it straight from the source is what it’s all about now! Social networks are undoubtedly the biggest and most popular platform on the entire Internet, and due to their blatant success, more and more platforms are being launched by the week.

Let’s not get too overboard with the glory, though. Despite this popularity, social media has a prominent flaw: Ultimately, it is centralized. Social media is run by the companies that have created them, which means that these companies get to dictate what is added or removed, they can censor speech and even decide what gets recommended to the user in their personal feeds. Sounds vexing? Don’t forget that they log every letter that has ever been typed on their platform, which is a lot of private data sitting in their servers, possibly being analyzed, used, and, unfortunately in many cases, even sold.

So, when the crypto industry introduced decentralization, it naturally started to flourish, resulting in more people seeking decentralized markets and applications. In this optimal setting, the concept of decentralized social media did not take long to emerge. With new trends like DeFi and NFTs emerging as well, there are now projects that aim to combine all of this into a single, multi-purpose social media platform, with one of the best examples of this being SuperBid.

What is SuperBid?

SuperBid is a new concept of a social auctioning platform, allowing celebrities and influencers to feature and sell their creative content directly to the mainstream public. Going beyond what is already available, it connects celebrities and their fans together on a single medium, eliminating the middleman and enabling closer contact. It is the first celebrity NFT marketplace that features a wide array of possibilities, including those as never before seen Moments, highly collectible Items and even momentous Experiences with the stars themselves.

The project is well aware of how big influencers are in this current age of the Internet, and it allows them a way to immortalize their work on the blockchain and at the same time, connect with their fans and audience from all over the world. With a fully legitimate Ambassador team, A-List stars like Logan Paul have already come on board, adding to the SuperBid frenzy. At the time of writing, model and actress Amanda Cerny is also getting ready to reveal her first auction. Celebrities plus fans plus blockchain enthusiasts, it doesn’t take much to know SuperBid is at a vital intersection of audiences.

$SUPERBID is the exclusive utility token of the platform, finally tying down two separate industries that have been, for so long, flirting with each other. The introduction of SuperBid merges the fast-paced crypto world along with the expansive mainstream, finding the best of both worlds and fusing them onto a single platform. If you wanted to find something game-changing, you’re definitely on track!

With that in mind, you could say that SuperBid is largely a social auction app that uses blockchain to connect fans with influencers and allows them to reciprocate support. Influencers continue to get direct support from their community with no middlemen in between, while the communities get to support their favorite celebrities and get some amazing collectibles in return. And, let’s not forget, the decentralized nature of the platform frees everyone from the control of corporations and governments, who have their own interests in users and influencers alike.

SuperBid has other advantages as well, such as freedom of expression and the immutability of content. It also has a high economic value, which helps content producers receive funds without having to lose a fortune on fees, while community members get to pay reduced prices for merchandise and, now, digital collectibles.


Decentralized social media has essentially no flaws other than still being in its early days, and as such, it still has to go through usage and development that will allow it to establish itself and fix minor issues in terms of architecture, features and an occasional bug. However, with each passing year, it is becoming more and more of a rival to traditional social networks, and is eventually bound to overtake it.

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