What is CryptoTanks Play-To-Earn Game? The Advantages, Features and Benefits
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In the early third quarter of 2021, non-fungible token (NFT) sales hit a record $1.2 billion, according to a report on Forbes. Before then, the NFT market had been witnessing a massive boom with record-breaking NFT sales, like in the case of the Beetle NFT, CryptoPunks and the likes.

However, the focus is gradually shifting to NFT-based and blockchain-powered play-to-earn games. Some industry experts have projected the blockchain gaming and metaverse space to hit between $250 billion and $300 billion in market cap by 2025. Today, we have a series of blockchain-based gaming projects seeking to revolutionize and disrupt the industry for gamers' good. One of such projects is CryptoTanks play-to-earn game.

Overview of the CryptoTanks Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem

CryptoTanks is a blockchain-powered play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) and Polygon blockchain protocol. Within the CryptoTanks gamified DeFi ecosystem, every NFT is 100% usable. While the traditional mainstream games are designed to take money from their players, CryptoTanks is quite the opposite. Like every blockchain-based gaming project, this game is built for gamers to earn money while playing and having fun.

CryptoTanks play-to-earn game is built on the basis of the cult Battle City game that was released in the 90’s for Nintendo and Game Boy consoles. The game allows users to delve right in and enjoy an entirely new world of nostalgia. Here, players not only enjoy the iconic 8-bit graphics gameplay, but they also earn rewards for succeeding in their quests or tasks within the gaming platform.

You may be wondering how the CryptoTanks play-to-earn game works. For starters, you will need to purchase NFT tanks and then take part in-game in order to upgrade your tanks and sell them for profits. With every level you succeed at, your NFT tank becomes more valuable with more additional and advanced features. This model makes it possible for anyone to earn from the platform while enjoying a great gaming experience.

After you complete a game, you will automatically be rewarded with $TANK tokens. Players can also decide to rent their tank and earn commission from the lender's winnings. With the implementation of smart contracts for the lending process, it is completely secure and safe for gamers. With its 8-bit game design, the game is fun for both veteran gamers and beginners. The game is also designed in a way to keep players entertained for years to come. For instance, you can either play alone or join a team on the platform. Gamers can also stake their $TANK tokens or LP $TANK token for additional rewards.

CryptoTanks Game Battles

Rating battles

Players can only gain experience (points) under this battle but not $TANK tokens. Gamers use this game mode to gain experience and level up. With better ratings, users will unlock new characteristics such as weapons, ammunition, add-ons, fuel, special abilities, etc. Once you level up and unlock new features you can buy them using the Star & $Tank tokens.

Money battles

Here, players get to enjoy monetary rewards if they prevail in their quest. For this "Money Battle" game, players will deposit tokens into a smart contract which will be awarded to the winning team or individual. The game is designed for both single players and teams. For the single-player game mode, it's always one against all where the last survivor wins. For the team play, it's one team versus another team.

Token battles

Gamers earn $TANK tokens for prevailing in this battle. Here, you will have to play the game/engage in battle and complete the required objectives. Once all have been achieved, you will be rewarded with $TANK tokens.

Advantages of CryptoTanks Play-to-Earn Game

CryptoTanks offers many benefits and advantages to gamers, and they include the following:

  1. CryptoTanks play-to-earn is a win-win scenario for players who get paid for having fun playing the game they love. The $TANK tokens earned by gamers can also be used for in-game purchases.
  2. There are limitless opportunities and possibilities for the NFT tanks. Its features include armor, ammunition, guns and chassis. These features improve and gain advanced technical features as the player wins battles.
  3. Gamers make money via 4 different means that include:
  • Play the game and earn tokens as rewards.
  • Buy NFT tanks and then rent the tanks to other players.
  • Gamers can upgrade their tank NFT and then sell it for a profit on the CryptoTanks marketplace.
  • Players can buy $TANK tokens and then stake the tokens to earn STAR tokens.
  1. On the CryptoTanks gaming platform, players are in complete control of their assets at all times.


CryptoTanks is undoubtedly one of the top innovative play-to-earn aiming to help gamers realize the full potential of non-fungible tokens. The public token sale will be announced soon, you can register here to be a part of it. You can also participate in the CryptoTanks airdrop, where you get to earn free $TANK tokens. Join CryptoTanks on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for all breaking news and information about the project. You can also sign up for the public token sale coming up in November 2021.

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