Keeping an Eye on Company Leaders to Win Fantasy Trading Contests
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Winning your fantasy contests depends on how well you know the market. This information is valuable as it allows you to identify the companies worth adding to your fantasy finance portfolio for consistent wins.

One of the best ways is to follow the big companies and their leaders to make educated guesses when trading on the fantasy finance platform. However, this is not an ongoing activity and requires you to stay alert. You will have to keep your ear to the ground for breaking news or released statements from these leaders.

How to Identify Company Leaders?

Most fantasy finance platforms like StockBattle allow you to create a fantasy finance portfolio with the various companies on the stock market. In this case, you will first have to decide which companies would be ideal for placing your money on.

I would recommend you to start from the very basics and focus on several domains of companies to realize their true potential.

First, let us have a look at how to find the leading companies and how their leaders can help you win fantasy trading contests.

Focusing on Companies’ Performance Trends

Finding the right companies to follow becomes easier as you learn how to evaluate their performances on the stock market in real-time. This may require you to stare at your laptop screens for long durations and figure out how each company that you wish to include in your portfolio is performing.

Remember, the trick is to get in on the action when their stock price is at the lowest and sell the stocks when the price peaks. The image below explains the phases of a stock market cycle and when to buy and sell for maximum gains.

Keeping an Eye on Company Leaders to Win Fantasy Trading Contests

You would be amazed that keeping an eye on companies’ leaders can actually help you make the right decision at the right time.

For example, Microsoft prices are riding at a stable rate on the stock market. All of a sudden, a statement by Satya Nadella broadcasts sometime during the night or first thing in the morning before the market opens. Now the nature of the information or news will determine how Microsoft’s stock prices will act as the market opens.

In case the news is a positive one, such as profitable quarterly reports by Microsoft, then you can expect the prices to soar. In this case, you ensure to pick Microsoft in your fantasy contests.

However, a controversy surrounding the company itself will plunge the stock rates into decline. Therefore, you will end up losing money if Microsoft is one of the companies on your fantasy trading portfolio.

Researching Company Leaders

Serious fantasy finance contestants understand the importance of influence market leaders have on stock prices. Every word they say, every financial action they take can send the stock market in a frenzy to rise or plummet. This is what you have to use to your advantage so that you can be a winner on your fantasy finance platform.

Following these leaders can be done in a myriad of ways. You can follow their Twitter handles, as they love to give a shout-out to the financial traders and stock market investors to look for certain trends. They may not be telling you precisely what may happen, but if you have prior knowledge, you can definitely use this information one way or another.

Follow them online, check your business news, including CNN Business, CNN Money, CNBC, and many other stock market reporting channels for most recent financial updates.

Check if there is an upcoming podcast by your favorite company’s leader. This does not have to be a CEO or managing director; anybody responsible for or has the final say in the company’s financial and operational domains is worth following.

For instance, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, sent out a tweet of a blank canvas with a new mobile device sketch. This can literally set the stock market on fire, and Apple’s prices will rise just because the market will take it as a sign of a new iPhone or iPad’s design.


Investors know both of these products by Apple means Ka-ching! More money! Therefore, following Jony Ive is something you must not overlook. Follow his Instagram, get him on his Twitter, keep track of his blogs, and see what he has to say.

Check for an upcoming podcast, and do not forget to listen as it may contain some insight into what Apple has in store for the market. All of these valuable information sources of a single company leader can give you a competitive edge over the rest of the players in fantasy contests.

How to Learn from Company Leaders and Win Fantasy Contests?

No matter what level of trader or stock investor you are, if you are new to fantasy trading, you need a good source for all the valuable information. You must learn how to identify good news from bad. For that, you need a fantasy finance platform such as StockBattle, offering both fantasy contests and learning opportunities.

Using StockBattle will not only help hone your fantasy trading skills but will also develop your confidence to play with different types of assets. Apart from building a general understanding of the stock market and companies, it will also help you understand how to read the market and follow the leaders to gain valuable insights.

This unique fantasy finance platform not only allows you to indulge in profitable fantasy contests but also learn to decode the information by the companies as well as their leaders. The extensive library teaches you how to read stock market charts and graphs and make decisions in real-time. This will help you get in on the action and get out when the time is right.

You will get to learn about how the prices of the assets move and signs to look out for. You may have heard about the market’s volatility, but you will get to learn what low and high volatility really looks like. Short-term performance is very crucial and makes or breaks your fantasy contests, and StockBattle can teach you how to pick the right assets during this time.

If you are really looking for a fantasy finance platform that can help you make 2x the profit on stocks of crypto within 15 minutes, StockBattle is the only way. However, you must remember that the platform is best for people with prior knowledge and skills in the stock market. Fantasy trading and fantasy finance is not considered gambling, so it is not a game of chance or luck. Rather, it’s a game of skill and expertise.


Whether you are an expert stock trader or a novice just starting your journey, market knowledge and skills to pinpoint the right source of information are key to your success. While you learn to observe the market trends, keeping an eye on company leaders can give you an additional advantage. Remember, they are the decision-makers of their domains and their say or actions can heavily influence the movement of their stock market prices. Once you have picked up the businesses you would like to invest in, always make sure to identify their key players and follow them for upcoming developments and factors that might impact the stock prices the next day or in near future.

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