Why Canada Failed Cannabis Experiment
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Best ways to make money on medical cannabis: JuicyFields platform review.

Every year the consumption of medical cannabis in the world is increasing and this requires intensification of specialized farms and cultivators that effectively respond to the needs of buyers. For a long time, Canada was considered as the center of medical cannabis manufacturing, where medical marijuana was legalized for the cultivation and consumption in 2018. However, as practice shows, the country was never able to become a market leader and the state allocated millions were spent absolutely ineffectively. Canada's failed cannabis experiment has been replaced by e-growing platforms with support for farms and cultivators and offering powerful ways to make money on investments in medical cannabis.

According to Brightfield Group research, the manufacturing and consumption of cannabis among the population is gradually decreasing in Canada. This is due to high prices for cannabis-containing drugs and low quality of initial product. Consumers also noted that the cannabis produced at Canadian farms was contaminated with bacteria and mold, with total disregard to GMP quality standards.

In the meantime, the black market of cannabis continues to grow in the country. According to a Brightfield Group survey, Canadians are more likely to buy a product from private traders or friends than at government stores.

We can say with certainty that Canada has failed the experiment with legal cannabis farms creation, the main reason for which is the total licensing of inexperienced cultivators and the high cost of low-quality products. Inefficient Canadian farms are being replaced by European companies that are able to produce a better product and offer transparent and legal investments in the medical cannabis sector.

How to Make Money Off Cultivation of Cannabis Legally

In the past few years, the market for medical cannabis manufacturing has grown rapidly in Europe. Germany can be the leader in this regard with its annual increase of medical cannabis production, offering new forms of investment for each consumer.

For example, JuicyFields that was founded in Europe and is well-known across the globe now, has developed a revolutionary model for investing in medical cannabis called Crowdgrowing. The bottom line is that any Internet user can invest in cultivators and cannabis farms development through JuicyFields platform and receive income after the product sale. This type of investment is completely legal and capable of bringing stable profits.

The company harvested in excess of 37 tons of medical cannabis on over 150,000 sq m. of fields just in the first quarter of 2021. According to founder and CEO, Alan Glanse, the growth has only just begun and "the company’s major goal is to be listed in the TOP 5 cannabis producers by 2025 along with such giants as Curaleaf, Trulieve Cannabis, Canopy Growth and Green Thumb Industry. We aim to produce not less than 379 tonnes of cannabis and become the number one brand among psychoactive medical and recreational cannabis products".

It is worth noting that the quality of production complies with GMP/EU GMP, GACP standards and the supporting infrastructure. JuicyFields platform unites more than 135 thousand users from all over the world.

The company accumulates its resources globally to provide the finest medical cannabis product with its geography of offices and partners including such countries as Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa and more.

You can find out more about JuicyFields platform on the official website.

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