Turnkey Crypto Investment Portfolio: A Solution From Zam.io
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Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the most lucrative activities in the financial market. For several years now, Bitcoin has been recognized as the most efficient investment that can quickly generate profits for its holders. In 2020, the profitability of Bitcoin reached 230%. In other words, every dollar invested in Bitcoin was capable of generating $2.3 in profit. Neither stocks, nor gold nor commodities can offer similar returns. For this reason, every year thousands of new investors buy cryptocurrencies hoping to make high profits. However, this does not always work out. The thoughtless purchase of coins can backfire and lead to a complete loss of funds. To avoid such situations, Zam.io has developed a unique tool - smart investment portfolios.

Divide and Conquer: How Portfolio Diversification Helps Increase Profits

If you seek advice from a professional investor, you will most likely hear the following: diversify your portfolio to protect your assets! And this is the right strategy. Nevertheless, it could be very difficult for newcomers to navigate the cryptocurrency market as everyday about 10-12 new digital coins emerge in the world and an equivalent number of coins leave the market forever. Therefore, it is very important to correctly assemble an investment portfolio, maintaining a balance between speculative and stable assets.

Zam.io founder George Gus says:

“We understand that it is very difficult to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies, especially if you are new to the market. There are over 11 thousand crypto coins today. This is almost 4 times more than the number of fiat currencies in the world. And if it is sometimes difficult for us to make a choice between the dollar and the euro, then choosing between Bitcoin and hundreds of other coins becomes an almost impossible task. This is why we have created intelligent investment portfolios.”

A intelligent investment portfolio is actually your basket of crypto assets, which is compiled by professional traders and crypto analysts. It establishes a balance between high-risk yet very profitable assets, promising altcoins, traditional cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Each portfolio includes over 10 different assets so that the user can get the maximum return on investment.

Georgy Gus explains:

“Before compiling portfolios for clients, our analysts carefully analyze the market and include in the investment basket project tokens coming from various areas: from DeFi and NFT to exchange and ecosystem tokens. At the same time, the user is not confined to the portfolio as-is. He can change some assets if they seem ineffective to him.”

You can purchase ready-made smart investment portfolios directly in the ZamWallet app. It is enough to install it, select one of the offered portfolios, and pay in one click. To increase income, users can reinvest in portfolios. Investments are allocated by assets (cryptocurrencies) at the last portfolio allocation. Users can track individual asset growth trends to make the best investment decisions.

Georgy Gus says:

“This is a very convenient and reliable tool for crypto beginners. You do not need to study the market in detail and each token separately, understand the charts and conduct market analysis. We’ve done the work for you.”

Safety and Risk Protection

The success of an investment depends not only on correctly selecting assets, but also on the ability to manage a portfolio. The cryptocurrency market so far remains unstable and volatile. Therefore, it is important to promptly and accurately react to the emerging situation at any given point in time.

Georgy Gus says:

“Do you remember what happened to the Shiba İNU or Akita İNU meme coins? Thousands of users were buying up meme coins in droves, but things didn’t end well for them. Thousands of investors lost their savings because they did not sell their tokens on time.”

Kryptonian analysts manage intelligent investment portfolios throughout their lifetime, substituting assets depending on the market condition. This allows to minimize several risks including the risks related to the inability to exit on time and the lack of sufficient experience in working with cryptocurrencies.

Of course, a user can independently decide to purchase or sell one of the portfolio assets, but Zam.io’s traders and analysts are mostly in charge of the effectiveness of investments.

Georgy Gus says:

“We are fully confident in the competencies of our specialists, so we only charge a commission on profit for our services. If the portfolio does not generate income, then you pay nothing.”

With intelligent investment portfolios, investing in cryptocurrencies becomes even easier and more lucrative.

Becoming a Part of Zam.io Just Got Easier

Smart investment portfolios are just one of the investment products offered by Zam.io. Almost every investor, novice or professional, can find a unique and effective solution for himself. More recently, the founders of Zam.io announced an IDO, in which users will be able to purchase $ZAM tokens at a special price. This token can be used as a means of payment as well as to acquire an investment portfolio. Read more about the Pre-İDO conditions here.

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