Ether Cards NFT Platform Rewards Early Users With Dust Token Airdrop
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The non-fungible token market keeps getting better as news of new and innovative platforms keeps popping up. Within the third quarter of this year, NFT sales surged $10.7 billion, and industry experts say the number is more likely to shoot up before the end of the year. Also, the booming market has attracted more projects with innovative business models.

One of such innovative projects is the Ether Cards NFT platform, the dynamic NFT platform that has leveraged its technology to offer real-world utility for NFTs of Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and LaMelo Ball. The dynamic NFT platform recently announced it would reward its holders with Dust ($Dust) tokens which can be used to exchange for 27 CryptoPunks worth an estimated $10.6 million.

Overview of the Ether Cards NFT Platform

The Ether Cards NFT platform is a blockchain-based non-fungible token platform that helps creators to get the best value out of their NFT assets. They are able to achieve this feat by expanding the capability of the NFT marketplace. With the Ether Cards NFT platform, anyone can set up events, puzzles, bounties and series of other different utilities for any NFT asset they choose. The platform is a completely integrated ecosystem, made of two major parts; the platform itself and the Ether Cards NFT collection (membership card NFTs).

Ether Cards are an NFT gamification and monetization ecosystem that helps connect real-world utility with the digital space. The platform enables celebrities, artists and projects to connect with their fans and communities in a very engaging and unique manner while also at the same time unlocking new monetization channels. The founding team of the project includes industry veterans and experts throughout the blockchain market space. With over 50 years of combined experience, these founding members have worked with and supported some of the leading names in the industry, such as Ethereum Foundation, Chainlink and Brave.

Ether Cards Dust Token Airdrop

According to Andras Kristof, the CEO and founder of Ether Cards, the Dust token airdrop and CryptoPunks giveaways are a way for them to give back to the Ether Cards community. This will enable the users to enjoy more benefits as dedicated users of the Ether Cards NFT Platform. Kristof said they are excited to bring exclusive opportunities to their cardholders and the entire Ether Card community. The airdrop comprises 27 million Dust tokens consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs.

Holders can exchange these Dust tokens for up to 27 CryptoPunks beginning on October 8. This will be one of the largest crypto airdrops in 2021 so far. According to DappRadar, the 27 CryptoPunks are worth $10.6 million. You can view the 27 CryptoPunk pool on Larva Labs website. This airdrop reinforces the significance and importance of the Ether Cards' in the NFT space. It sets the ground rolling for the public launch of the NFT self-serve platform. With the Ether Cards' self-serve platform, artists, brands, athletes and celebrities can create, launch, and manage dynamic non-fungible tokens to engage, nurture and monetize their communities.

According to the NFT marketplace OpenSea, Ether Cards' secondary market sales volume has exceeded $9.4 million. The Dust token can be used across the Ether Card ecosystem. It can even be used to reserve NFTs that are issued on the Ether Cards platform ahead of other buyers. Following the CryptoPunks giveaway, Ether Cards will begin distributing many other NFTs like 30 Meebits, 25 Mike Tyson NFTs, 250 Founder Cards and 50 Alpha Cards.

The 10,000 Ether Cards NFT collections give exclusive benefits to the Ether Cards platform and the wider ecosystem. This includes gamified bonuses, free NFTs, Dust token collection, discounts to partner NFT Drops, access to an active community, etc.

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