Launches Personalized OTC Trading Desk for Crypto
Main page Analytics, a tokenized assets platform with offices in London, Gibraltar and Minsk, has announced today a new service geared toward high-net-worth (HNW) individuals and institutional clients: Prime, a premium over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading desk. The offering will provide clients personalized advisory services and custom-tailored trading solutions that help clients to manage high volume trading with the desk aiding to ensure a smooth process. Launches Personalized OTC Trading Desk for Crypto Prime for HNW clients and institutions will include a dedicated, multi-lingual account manager to meet their needs, as well as support from the Global Transaction team. The clients also have the ability to perform their own trades any time, any day.

The head of OTC Trading for the platform, Samuel Rondot, said:

"HNW individuals have diverse portfolios with investments across many different sectors and a large appetite for new products. Their time and attention are valuable and staying ahead of changes in the crypto market requires constant attention and a lot of time."

He added:

"Operating across multiple time-zones, Prime will provide our clients with a personal and private consulting service to support them in their trading journey."

The service will also provide these clients with exclusive access to additional product offerings, as well as lending, staking, NFTs, private tokens and both hot/cold storage solutions. Additional services include providing access to market liquidity to ensure clients can easily trade in the large number of supported currencies (over 200 and rising).

Rondot also discussed the engine supporting the OTC Trading desk:

" Prime is powered by a state-of-the-art smart order management system that automatically and instantly routes orders through a deep liquidity pool. This enables to give clients the best price at the time of trading. With Prime, clients can easily and securely complete large transactions with just a few clicks or consult our advisory teams for a more personalized experience." is set up as a trading platform that connects both cryptocurrency and traditional finance markets, using thousands of tokenized exchange-traded assets. The launch of Prime is meant to expand this goal for HNW and industrial clients, in a manner that addresses their specific needs.

The head of strategy for, Vitaliy Kedyk, said:

"Traditionally, one of the largest barriers to entry for institutions and HNW investors in the crypto space has been the lack of infrastructure. By supporting these clients with bespoke OTC services through Prime, we believe that we can encourage the further growth of the crypto market."

He added:

"Over time, the increased institutional presence will lead to a more substantial price discovery in cryptocurrencies, which will further promote the development of supportive regulation and drive greater mainstream adoption."

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