SmartChem Sets to Take Over the $50+ Billion Industrial Cleaning Market: You Could Be A Part Of It
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The industrial cleaning market has been growing rapidly and is estimated to surpass $54 billion in market value by 2025. This rapid market growth is linked to the high growth in healthcare and manufacturing, joined by the rising focus on ensuring clean and healthy workplaces. Substances like dirt, chemicals, pathogens and other contaminants can pose a serious health hazard in industrial environments. This could lead to the loss of billions in health reimbursement and diminished productivity. Even with the importance of the industrial cleaning sector, several companies haven't taken it as seriously as it should be.

Although many manufacturers have been proffering solutions to the issues of industrial cleaning, one of them appears to have what it takes to disrupt and lead the market. By leveraging contemporary technological advancement, SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) has shown that it is 100% possible to clean the industries without harming the environment. SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) is ushering in a new dawn in the industrial cleaning market, and you can participate and benefit from it.

What is SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids)?

SmartChem is a green chemistry, blockchain-powered project designed to save our planet from environmental pollution. Since 2006, SmartChem has been developing and designing eco-friendly cleaning agents. Its innovative cleaning fluids include agents for separating materials and removing surface coats from hard surfaces like metals, glass and other synthetic materials. Other cleaning agents include the likes of stripping paint and adhesive residues, deep-cleaning industrial equipment and many others.

To clean surfaces, SmartChem cleaning deploys physical rather than chemical impact. This green blockchain project utilizes gentle, pH-neutral ingredients that can penetrate, dislodge, disintegrate and lift off even the heaviest and most persistent deposits. The interesting thing is that SmartChem cleaning solutions spare sensitive surfaces and substrates. However, other conventional cleaning agents (solvents) remove impurities by dissolving them, thus creating a chemical waste that can wreak havoc in the environment if disposed of wrongly.

The basic characteristic of the SmartChem solutions is their net-like and highly dynamic structure. When they are spread on any dirty surface, these fluid molecules percolate into the impurities and underneath them without breaking down the molecular structure of these impurities. They are able to dislodge these impurities from the surface, thus making them easy to wash off with water. With its cutting-edge innovative approach, SmartChem is undoubtedly taking over the industrial cleaning market. It replaces solvents with gentle phase fluids, thereby giving solvent users across different industries a chance to adopt sustainable practices for a cleaner and sustainable planet.

The SmartChem Token Sale

The SmartChem project is at its pivotal stage and needs to scale exponentially to meet the market's massive demand. It also needs to achieve this in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to maintain its position as a leader in eco-friendly industrial cleaning. Therefore, the team is launching their cryptocurrency in exchanges where the tokens will be available for purchase. Owning the $SMAC token will give you participating right to be part of the SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) green cleaning initiative. The $SMAC token is an ERC-20 compliant token with a maximum supply of 150 million. However, 120 million tokens will be made available for the public sale.

The price for each token will start at $0.2 on direct exchange platforms. The team already has a well-thought-out plan that allocates the money from the token sales to manufacturing sites, research and development, sales, marketing, human resources and demo labs in major end markets.

As a crypto enthusiast and investor, you can contribute and participate in this sustainable industrial cleaning initiative by SmartChem. Aside from the fact that the token promises better returns in the future, you can also join a company that is positively impacting our environment through its services. You can also register to get a free $SMAC token.

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