How To Launch Your NFT Collection: The Best And Effective Strategy
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Non-fungible tokens have taken the crypto space by storm and have had a tremendous 2021 so far. In fact, within the first half of 2021, the NFT market $2.5 billion in sales alone. This tells you that the market is highly viable and profitable. It gets more interesting when you consider that the NFT market is still at the developmental stages. Today, these non-fungible tokens are selling like hotcakes, and many people are smiling to the bank every day. However, to have a successful NFT collection launch, you need vital tips on how to promote your NFTs in the industry.

Mike Winkelmann (aka the digital artist Beeple) sold his NFT for a record $69 million at Christie's auction. There are also special NFT sales like Jack Dorsey's first tweet that sold for $2.9 million and CryptoPunks NFT that sold for $5.3 million and $4.4 million, respectively. Today, many people are trying to launch their NFT collections and start making money like these guys. It is not enough to launch your NFT collection; do you have the best strategy in place? In this article, we have researched the best and effective strategy for launching your NFT collection and being successful, like the likes CryptoPunks, Beeple, etc.

What Are The Things You Need To Put In Place?

When you want to launch your NFT collection successfully, there are essential things that must ensure they are in place. First, you will have to make your style different and designed to attract art enthusiasts and lovers. It would be best if you made your NFT collection a virtual treasure hunt with incentives for eventual winners. Your NFT collection needs to be a perfect transition and adaptation from the offline world of art and other collectibles. The value of any digital artwork lies in the ability of the owner to prove its authenticity. You need to meet this requirement allowing for a definitive process that shows undeniable evidence that the art is genuine.

The first impression is of great importance in every business, and you must use it to your advantage. You have to identify innovative and wonderful ways to entice and impress your customers. Always give your customers something to talk about. You can also check out what your competitors are doing and then do better in those things.

Best Strategy to Successfully Launch Your NFT Collection

Make your collection visible to the right audience

Marketing is very integral to the successful launch of your NFT collection. You will have to implement a solid PR strategy if you want to make a name for yourself in the industry. The major essence of marketing is to expand the reach of your project. You will need to identify crypto-friendly platforms and news media publications to help you get your message out there. Social media influencers are also vital in NFT marketing. There are quite a number of crypto project YouTube influencers and Twitter influencers ready to help you promote your project if you reach an agreement with them. A crypto agency known as ICODA created a rating for these influencers to help projects get the best out of them. ICODA is a crypto-based platform with the mission to help crypto projects reach their full potential. The founding team of the ICODA agency believes that crypto and blockchain have what it takes to change the world.

Find the best suited NFT marketplace to list your NFTs

There are quite a number of NFT marketplaces where people can sell their NFTs. These marketplaces have different terms and conditions; therefore, you will have to go for the one that is the best fit for the NFT collection. Within the NFT marketplace, there are Calendars and Platforms. Examples of Calendars include the likes of NFTCatalog, NFT Project List, and NFTCalendar, while the Platforms include the likes of Rarible, OpenSea and SuperRare.

Be part of a creative community

The NFT industry is very young, and a lot of things are happening in a flash. You need to be networking with the right people in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by following and joining NFT conferences and events for artists and investors. This will help you join a creative community and network with like-minded people. There are notable conferences and events like the Global NFT Summit and NFT NYC.

Take advertisement seriously

If you really want to differentiate yourself from the bunch of other projects flooding the NFT marketplace every day, then you have to be very intentional about your promotion strategy. Having a clear-cut online marketing campaign with tailored goals can do wonders for your project. It doesn't matter if your art is great; you will need a robust advertisement tactic. You can leverage the power of digital advertising to promote your NFT collection and seek the attention of potential investors and the NFT community. The more they know about your project and the benefits it brings, the more likely they will invest in it.


If you want to have a successful NFT collection launch, the strategy outlined in this article will greatly improve your chances. It is not all about having an NFT collection, you must understand the underlying work that needs to be done before you can be successful in the industry. So, now is the time to get to work and take the NFT marketplace by storm.

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