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The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has experienced massive growth in 2021. It is currently a $100 billion market with huge potential. With so many benefits and potentials in the DeFi market, it is sad to say that it is not user-friendly. This has been the major setback for the market as less people get involved in it. With the integration of top tier solutions, some crypto projects are seeking to offer the next generation of DeFi where users can seamlessly navigate the ecosystem without any hitch.

A number of these projects are also out to tackle the menace of crypto market manipulation The aim is to ensure that no group of people can manipulate the crypto market in their favor, no matter how powerful.

CATGE Introduces A First of its Kind Cash Printer Machine in the DeFi Space

In their bid to build the next generation DeFi ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts, the CATGE team appears to be leaving no stone unturned. They are introducing a first of its kind Cash Printer Machine. With the Cash Printer Machine, users can use their phone as an ATM, where they can withdraw their crypto assets into real paper bills. This is undoubtedly a revolutionizing feat in the crypto space.The native mobile application allows users to print and deposit crypto paper bills, move crypto assets to other wallets and exchanges, as well as store digital assets. The Cash Printer Machine I packed with all the necessary solutions to make the DeFi space completely user-friendly for both novice and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

The DeFi ecosystem has enabled staking, yield farming, etc and users have been so happy about these services. However, the possibility of having tokens and staking contracts into paper is the first of its kind that CATGE is launching in the DeFi space. This tool is designed to integrate the different instruments of decentralized finance into non-niche hands. This makes DeFi more user-friendly and efficient. By launching the Cash Printer Machine, CATGE is bringing crypto to the doorsteps of everyone, doesn't matter if the person is a newbie or an expert in the industry.

Other Features of CATGE Include

Catge Swap

With the Catge Swap feature, users can stake and farm with as high as 10,000% annual percentage rate (APR). They can also trade the best crypto assets in the Catge decentralized exchange.

Startup Token Launchpad

This launchpad allows users to invest in the best pre-IPO startup companies in order to access huge returns. This is akin to what is obtainable with a real venture capital fund. Users can buy startup equity tokens in pre-launch, like in real IPOs, and they will have the same rights as those with stocks.

The startup tokens are easy to buy, just like shitcoins. However, they are backed by real-world assets. Users don't have to wait for acquisition as the startup tokens are tradable on the Catgecoin DeFi platform. People can buy and sell whenever they want. If they actually do what they said, I believe within 6 month they’ll definitely get to Binance.

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