With EUR 3.1 Million in Backing, Crypterium Looks at Global Funding Round
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EU based crypto wallet service Crypterium recently held an investment round which saw over 2,600 investors backing the platform, pumping in EUR 3.1 million via the Seedrs investment platform.

This investment round was of keen interest to European investors, who crossed the planned EUR 1 million target within the first 36 hours. With more than three times the expected amount invested, Crypterium’s market valuation stands at a very healthy EUR 85 million.

This first investment round was held for participants from Europe only, closed off to the rest of the world due to strict investment regulations, the funds from which will go towards product and services development, including marketing, regulatory licences and customer support.

Crypterium’s core philosophy is in ensuring that all its cryptocurrency products and services are capable of use in the daily lives of everyday people. Crypto tokens and coins have long proven that they can be an excellent source of profits and wealth generation, but their very innovative and revolutionary nature makes them difficult to be utilized in day to day activities.

The free mobile and desktop wallet is a multi-currency holder where Crypterium users can park their Bitcoin as well as more than 20 additional cryptocurrencies. Built-in services include buying, transacting and exchanging within the app itself. Visa powered cards are a very popular method to spend cryptocurrencies, with the payment processor saying that more than $1 billion have been spent using Visa crypto cards in Q1 only. To complement its wallet, Crypterium also offers a Visa powered crypto debit card that can be used in any of the millions of merchants and locations across the globe where Visa services are available. The cards come in two forms, physical and digital. The digital card provides all the conveniences of a plastic one but is held as a digital version. The plastic version of the card can also be used in ATMs globally to cash out the cryptocurrencies if the need arises.

Crypterium also has another ace up its sleeve. AI-powered cryptocurrency trading has become a big phenomenon and Crypterium claims that its AI prediction services are accurate for up to 93% of the time for more than 140 tokens, making it the perfect tool for traders and investors.

Following its highly successful funding round, Crypterium understands that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Austin Kimm, the COO of Crypterium has hinted at a future expansion of the funding outside of the EU:

“This first private equity sale was an overwhelming success for us. That's just a fact. Yet, we recognized that many investors and Crypterium enthusiasts couldn't join because of the platform's country restrictions. As a global startup, we are working on alternatives to give everyone a chance to get involved and build the future of finance right by our side.”

The core offerings and the success is due to the careful selection of the team, including high profile professionals from the traditional finance sector, such as Steven Parker, a former GM of Central and Eastern Europe for Visa.

Crypterium offers crypto-fiat solutions for both consumers and business ventures, making it easier for on and off ramps from fiat to crypto. Other services include high yield savings and loans. Each Crypterium wallet is fully insured, giving financial protection to its users.

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