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The two month #GlobalFieldDay campaign kicked off in legendary style, with its launch event taking place at the Denver Broncos stadium. Amid a crowd of 50 children from the Boys and Girls Club enjoying an actual field day, the highlight was a record-breaking catch made by Green Bay Packers’ Devin Funchess, who successfully caught a football dropped from a helicopter hovering 758 feet in the air. The video went viral and the campaign set off with a bang.

The goal of the #GlobalFieldDay is to raise money for charity while encouraging children to get out and play after enduring the endless social distancing and quarantines of 2020/2021. Partnering with the campaign are the youth and environmental charities World Youth Horizons, Global Entrepreneurship Network, and Laudato Tree. The campaign started on August 23 and will run until October 22.

#GLOBALFIELDDAY Launches a Charitable Social Media Challenge
The 30-Day Challenge. Source:

#GlobalFieldDay Challenge

A key feature of the campaign is the #GlobalFieldDay challenge, a 30-day social media contest made up of five teams of athletes, celebrities, and influencers. These five teams will compete in three different virtual challenges including Pushups, Planking and the Victory Dance. In order to raise awareness and charity funds, part of the challenge will be how well each team reaches their followers and promotes the event and encourages their communities to donate on behalf of the team. Teams will post their own challenge videos to promote the campaign and will make use of the Raiinmaker Mobile App.

This app is designed for social media campaigns, and uses advanced blockchain algorithms to determine social engagement and donations given to each team. At the end of the challenge, the team who has raised the most money for charities—and that has the largest social engagement for the event—will win a $100,000 prize to donate to their chosen charity. The Raiinmaker App is also supplying a Digital Prize Pool of $100,000 that will be distributed to the fans and communities that participate in the #GlobalFieldDay campaign on social media through the app itself. This allows not only charities to benefit but also those fans working hard to help their team win the challenge.

#GLOBALFIELDDAY Launches a Charitable Social Media Challenge
Team Pink. Source:


Each team is made up of world class athletes, celebrities and top social media influencers. While the final list will be announced on September 9, 2021, the confirmed participants across the five teams (Pink, Green, Teal, Orange and Blue) are:

  • Celebrities: Pitbull, Danny Seraphine (Band Chicago, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee).
  • Sports Stars & Personalities: Julie Ertz (Olympian & Professional Soccer Player), Zach Ertz (NFL, Philadelphia Eagles), Ray Lewis (NFL Hall of Fame Inductee), Mojo Rawley (Pro Wrestler, WWE), Devin Funchess (NFL, Green Bay Packers), KJ Hamler (NFL, Denver Broncos), Bronson Kaufusi (NFL, Green Bay Packers), Corbin Kaufusi (NFL, San Francisco 49ers), Alexis Dejoria (NHRA Funny Car Racer) and Mario Addison (NFL, Buffalo Bills).
  • Social Media Influencers: Josh Richards (TikTok/Influencer), Vanessa Clark (TikTok/Influencer), B-Mo the Prince (TikTok/Influencer), Nike Finesse (TikTok/Influencer) and Bugha (Influencer, E-Gamer).
#GLOBALFIELDDAY Launches a Charitable Social Media Challenge
#GlobalFieldDay Charities. Source:

Charities and Partners

The campaign has three featured charities:

  • World Youth Horizon, headed by Jeff Hoffman (of fame). The mission is to give opportunities to children from all backgrounds, helping them to see new and exciting places, learn about the world around them and inspire/motivate them to dream about their future for themselves and their families.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Network (also led by Jeff Hoffman), operates a large roster of programs across 180 countries with the goal of empowering anyone who would like to start and scale a business.
  • Laudato Tree, founded and led by 17 year old Vivienne Harr, is working toward the goal of planting 7 million trees across the Great Green Wall of Africa, and raising the $42 million it will take to do so. This will battle climate change, employ millions of Africans across 13 countries, and will prevent the toxic dust caused by growing desertification. The project has already been endorsed by the Pope himself, and Vivienne has shown success from the age of 10 when she raised over $1 million to fight against human trafficking.

The campaign’s key partner is Raiinmaker, which leverages, enhances and tracks the reach of teams to maximize the campaign’s impact. J.D. Seraphine, Raiinmaker founder, had this to say of the campaign:

"We are at a critical point as a species with the stakes higher than ever, so it’s only natural that the focus of #GlobalFieldDay is empowering the youth and specifically innovators who are stepping up around the world to solve the biggest challenges that we face. #GlobalFieldDay was launched with this specific aim and Raiinmaker is proud to not only support the mission but to also facilitate a whole new approach to generating and harnessing the power of a cultural movement."

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