Finhaven is Defining How The Next Generation of Securities Trading Looks
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There is a gap between the capital markets and crypto markets. A gateway between these two seemingly parallel markets will undoubtedly promote the mainstream adoption of crypto assets. It will certainly be a bold step in the right direction. Today, it appears Finhaven Private Markets is leading the charge to make this happen.

How does Finhaven hope to interconnect the capital markets and the crypto markets? They have created a special token that will serve as the bridge between the two markets. Aside from serving as the bridge, the token will also perform several other functions.

Finhaven Private Markets Overview

Finhaven is a financial services technology company with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. It is Canada's first digital securities marketplace and is leading the transition of global capital markets and exchanges away from book-based systems to digital systems. Its capital market platform, Finhaven Private Markets, is built on distributed ledger technology and digital securities. This technology ensures no friction in buying, selling and handling public and private securities.

Finhaven is defining how the next generation of securities trading will look like and the things that will be needed to execute such trades. One of the missions of Finhaven Private Markets is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the capital markets via its token known as FinToken. With Finhaven's wallet called FINWallet, you can easily access your crypto portfolio. The FINWallet is a multi-exchange connector. It has a single access point to your multiple crypto accounts, thus helping you easily manage your crypto portfolio.

Finhaven Token (FinToken) and Its Functions

FinToken is the utility token of the Finhaven Private Markets ecosystem. It will be used to facilitate the trading of cryptos for digital securities. In other words, FinToken will be the connector between crypto securities and crypto commodities. The token will also provide self-custody in the crypto space. With their securities in their FINWallet, users will have full custody of their assets. The token is the bridging point for the use of crypto assets as securities and as securities.

FinToken will be utilized in the following ways:

Trading of Digital Securities

With the Finhaven Token, holders can trade digital securities in a completely regulated marketplace without having to deal with multiple intermediaries like custodians, transfer agents and so on.

Diversification of Crypto Portfolio

FinToken will enable all accredited investors who have an account with Finhaven Private Markets to buy digital securities using crypto assets. This will be executed within the system of the Finhaven Private Markets, thus helping investors diversify their crypto portfolios.

Have Full Custody Of Your Crypto Assets

Your Finhaven Token (FinToken) and your digital securities will be securely held in your FINWallet, and you are the only one with access to the private key. Therefore, only you have sole custody of your securities.

How Finhaven Will Bridge The Gap Between Crypto And Capital Markets

If you own crypto assets and want to purchase securities in private companies using those cryptos, first, you will have to buy FinToken with your crypto assets or fiat. You will need to hold the token in your FINWallet. Look into the digital securities offerings from private companies available on Finhaven Private Markets. You can convert your Finhaven Tokens to fiat currency and then use it to buy digital securities. Finahven is currently working to ensure that users can directly use their Finhaven Token to purchase digital securities in the future. After you have bought the digital securities, you securely hold them in your FINWallet. You can also decide to trade your digital securities with other investors on the Finhaven Private Markets.

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