Judge This Book By Its Cover- Orbs Blockchain’s Powerful New Makeover
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You can tell a lot about a product by the image it portrays. In this case, Orbs fresh new branding gives us a glimpse into the post modernistic future and a trendsetting approach to the blockchain. Start by taking a look at the website here, and then come back to us to learn more about this futuristic company that is shaking up the blockchain and providing a disruptive approach to interoperability and scalability across networks.

The Future of the Blockchain

Orbs is ahead of the curve in this arena, with its blockchain stack that enables isolation between virtual chains. It imbues the benefits of scalability, ultra low fees to the user, while giving the developer an unparalleled approach to building their projects, using smart contracts in any traditional developer language.

Orbs, which works on a proof-of-stake model, magnificently balances usability with performance, security with generous fees. It has been built to support apps that feature high engagement and usage and those that can link directly to Layer 1 chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Orbs is unique in that it offers an open and permissionless infrastructure to users on a decentralized basis.

In the new website, which is also published in Japanese and Korean, you will find a plethora of resources for both the crypto savvy and the crypto curious, smooth navigation and user experience, and a wealth of content on how to participate and build using Orbs infrastructure. The site also features Tetra, the Orbs staking wallet and calculator, the network status page, Orbs PoS analytics dashboard.

The sites Blog and FAQs make for interesting reading and visitors can speak to the Orbs team directly through the Telegram group. Enjoy the future of the the blockchain and a fresh new approach to websites with Orbs incredible new website.

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