Sweet is Launching 5 Limited Edition New York Knicks NFTs
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Non-fungible tokens are an innovative and exciting industry, even though NFTs are not always known for their ease of access. Sweet, a dedicated NFT service provider, acknowledges there's room for improvement. Its limited-edition Knicks NFT collection is a great example of how to bring non-fungible tokens to a global audience, rather than just cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

NFTs Are For Everyone

When people hear a story about NFTs', they automatically assume it with either millions of dollars, like Beeple's art, or with cryptocurrency. Neither is what this technology is truly about, as NFTs are designed to be by the people for the people. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to get a hold of unless one has a fair understanding of how the industry works and where one has to look to acquire them. It is not a novice-friendly industry right now, but all of that can change quickly.

Sweet, or Sweet NFTs, acknowledges there is a need for change. Its NFT solution is built consumer-first to help achieve mass adoption of non-fungible tokens and its underpinning technology. Making these NFTs broadly accessible is not easy, as there are many factors to consider. It needs to be stored conveniently, acquired conveniently and shared conveniently. Checking all of those boxes requires a very particular approach and is much easier said than done.

What Sweet did is simplify the process so much that no one would know cryptocurrencies are included. Nor would they know there is any involvement with a blockchain. Instead, users can acquire NFTs through traditional payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay and payment cards. Moreover, there is no need to set up a dedicated wallet like MetaMask and enable the right blockchain to ensure your NFT shows up correctly. As such, the team has established a solution that can make NFTs for both everyday fans and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Through the native Sweet wallet solution, anyone can get acquainted with the NFT industry. Many people may want to do so sooner or later for a variety of reasons. Fans of the New York Knicks may want to do so a bit quicker, as they will all be able to get a 3D NFT at a fair price with ease. All that is required is a mobile number or e-mail address, a code that needs to be confirmed and a password. Once set up, the user can experiment with non-fungible tokens right away.

A Limited-Edition New York Knicks Collection

Following the Knicks' game one at Madison Square Garden on May 23, it quickly became apparent the city of New York - and far beyond - were over the moon with excitement. Unfortunately, only so many fans could be in the stadium, while everyone else had to follow it via broadcast. Commemorating such an event is not easy, as there is no physical "memorabilia" on the night itself to take home with. The New York Knicks want to give back to the fans by commemorating the 20/21 NBA season through 5 limited edition 3D NFT Tickets.

Once fans purchase their chosen ticket, they can see, turn, flip, and spin their 3D New York Knicks NFT to their heart's content. Moreover, they will see the sequence number, read the description of what that NFT means regarding the historic night of May 23, 2021, and make sure their 3D NFT is authentic.

In a future update, Sweet will make it easier to share NFTs with others. NFT owners will be able to curate and display several of their NFTs through a public profile and share them with the world. It is a good way to show one's allegiance as a fan across multiple sports, for example. In a modern world where sharing content has become so important, NFTs should be given the same opportunity.

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